Your Mission For Today….Be Conscious of How You’re Playing Small In Your Own Life

One key to overcoming self sabotage is to become conscious of just how many ways you actively trim and destroy your own potential for greatness, success and happiness on a daily basis. There are firm psychological reasons that this self limiting behavior is set into the subconscious mind and acted out daily……but again the first step toward healing is becoming conscious of the patterns. What do you think the daily coffee is really for? Caffeine is a known alkaloid poison, which places the body in permanent fight or flight mode for weeks at time. Can you become conscious of the fact that if you drink coffee, you’re doing so against all rational and logical analysis?

What about watching TV? Can you become conscious of the fact that watching TV is a complete waste of time and programs you to ignore your dreams plus act out negative trash fire media role modelling in your own life? Can you become conscious of the fact that you watch TV because it destroys your innate potential and that you watch the TV because you’re terrified of becoming healthy, wealthy and wise? Can you become conscious of the fact that if you spent half the time pursuing your dreams as compared to watching TV… would already be financially independent and living your best life? The junk food, the limiting self talk, the wine, the THC, the gossip, the medical drugs only proven to make you more sick, the doctor’s who aren’t health experts, the mindless radio on the way to work that programs your mind for mediocrity, lack and rot. Can you become conscious of the fact that your daily routine provides ZERO potential for health, happiness or prosperity? No one doing any of this daily could ever be successful……NO ONE! Can you become conscious of the fact that you do some (or all) of these things because you’re afraid to become successful….and that’s why you can’t stop? Not because you’re addicted…..but because you’re afraid of the potential for greatness that lies within you?

Can you become conscious of the truth, face your fears tied to success and change for the better? Can you admit that you work around the clock trying to be average and less than you’re capable of? When you’re brave enough to become conscious of your own reality, contact me personally at and I can give you an information package regarding my overcoming self sabotage programs.

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