Your Child Worth More Now Sick Than Healthy

Your child of course is worth more sick now than healthy. A sick child provides tens of millions in profits for hospitals, drug companies and medical equipment manufacturers. Washington D.C (distract of criminals) now writing legislation where 11 year olds can agree to take vaccines without parental consent. The schools now colluding with state nurses to make sure parents never find out. As truthers, we’ve been warning people about these encroaching evils for decades. You are worth more enslaved than free. You are worth more sick than healthy. You are worth more brain damaged than intelligent. This is what happens when a society is placed into a “comfort coma” of chemical sedation and media distraction. While you were shopping, at the coffee shop and  sitting on the couch……..the jackals were invading the pride land. Now everyone will be forced to look evil square in the eye and recognize what we’ve been trying to warn against for so long. Don’t feed your kids into the system. Unplug from the system and never go back. Something wicked this way comes……..


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