You Won’t Believe What Stress and Bad Food Does To Your Brain!

When we eat bad food, it hurts our brain to the point where we become too stupid to know we’re stupid. This is actually called “The Dunning Kruger Effect” and it’s a big problem with unhealthy people…..who believe they know exactly what’s going on with life, their health, their finances, their relationships and their ideas regarding how the world works. I was too dumb to know I was dumb before. I was so dumb, I could have changed my name to Dunning Kruger Christoff. I’ve been there. What’s also more alarming is that bad food and unhealthy living habits hyper activate a part of the brain FAMOUS for self sabotage. When you eat bad, you’re stressed. When you’re stressed, it makes you dumb. When you’re dumb, you’ll think you’re smarter than everyone else…….because that’s the level of dumbness you go to when you eat poorly. And then you’ll self sabotage more, on top of all that! Dr. Bruce Lipton explains. If you want to know how to make your life better, it starts with what you put in your mouth and what thoughts you think.

By learning this you gain more wisdom than the doctors…. A life changing videoBiology of stress…

Posted by Dr Bruce Lipton PHD on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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