Why We Hurt Ourselves and Engage in Habits of Self Abuse……

When you look into the psychology of the human mind, you find that it doesn’t work AT ALL like we’re lead to believe. For example, the vast majority of our behavior is on cruise control or auto pilot. If we’re driving down the road listening to an old song on the radio and it reminds us of our first dance or first kiss……our conscious mind travels back in time to enjoy our past emotions of the event. That’s the conscious mind, over in a dream based thought function…..so who or what is driving the car? Well, that’s our subconscious mind and it knows that you “think deeply” sometimes about various things……so the subconscious takes care of the “usual” activities and thought patterns that are repetitive. The subconscious says, “I’ll take care of the repetitive stuff. You go do some thinking, don’t worry at all……I got everything else”

Sounds like a great system, right? You get to think when ever you want and there’s another part of the mind that takes care of the mundane and repetitive rituals, ceremonies and habits in your life……..so you can bravely explore the world. Yes, it sounds great but how about if one of the repetitive habits and beliefs you picked up from your childhood was, “being rich isn’t for you, our family works jobs they don’t really like, we struggle and things are hard” or “I drink alcohol each night with dinner, don’t exercise because I don’t have time and I love my cookies and chips at night when I waste hours in front of the TV” or “I go to the doctor when I’m sick and ignore that I use my mouth as a garbage compactor and feel more comfortable and connected as a victim in a society drowning in victims, negativity, chaos and collective misery.” Someone taught you how to drive your car and someone also taught you every other idea, belief or action that you hold in your subconscious mind. SO WHERE ARE YOU STRUGGLING IN LIFE? Money, love, happiness, sleep, sexual satisfaction, your weight, health, adventure? Where you struggle will indicate where your cruise control and auto pilot have been programmed incorrectly by your past. Never panic……there are solutions. You can rewrite your autopilot and correct your cruise control. You can have a better life.

If you’re looking to become a better person in general (non addicted, in shape, motivated, empowered, making more money etc) come hear me talk live Sept 21st and 22nd in Cornwall Ontario Canada. If you can’t come live, you can purchase a recording of the event and it will be sent to you anywhere in the world. A MASTER CLASS on overcoming self sabotage. It’s usually $699 to attend live, discounted to $199 until Sept 15th. It’s usually $399 for the recording, discounted to $79 until Sept 15th. If you’re interested in more details, please e-mail me directly at jason@physicallimits.com or message me via Facebook messenger. Let your best life begin. Stop your struggle. Start your success. Being better is better. You can have a beautiful life. Now is the time. Your best life awaits….


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