Why The Saboteur Loves The Big Box Fitness Centers….

Self sabotage in the fitness industry is very common. Self sabotage is about an attempt to become better but that attempt is quickly nullified by behavior counter productive to the goal. For example, a person may want to get in shape so they join a fitness club where bagels and pizza are served, something common today among many big box fitness clubs. You could even say the business models of these discount fitness clubs are based around the psychology of the saboteur. Heading down to a fitness club and eating junk once per month (served by the big box club) is how many people put one step forward and then take one step back. The vast majority of members of these big box discount fitness clubs pay their monthly dues and don’t attend, which is all part of the cycle of staying the same for the chronic saboteur. Oddly enough, these fitness clubs themselves base their revenue models on their members paying and not attending…. literally profiting off the self sabotage cycle.

In the mind of the saboteur, change is extremely frightening, so behavior patterns emerge…..which end with plenty of change being “attempted” yet no concrete results ever manifest. This satisfies the subconscious, which is the part of the psyche that’s afraid of change and it also satisfies the conscious mind, which dreams of becoming “more” or “better”. Although some saboteurs get tired of this cycle and give up altogether……..the classic saboteur tries as much as they fail, in order to trap themselves in a busy life, where no change happens. This is called the “rocking chair effect”……the art of being really busy but getting nowhere. If you’re looking to get out of your own way and start rising to your full potential…….some solutions are attached.

Solutions …….
1. Overcome Self Sabotage Seminar Recording – http://bit.ly/2HVmXSI
2. One on One Self Sabotage Coaching – http://bit.ly/2uEstRU
3. Self Sabotage Based 6 Week Weight Loss Program – http://bit.ly/2I2i8H5

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