Why Take Any Responsibility For Anything In Your Life? Just Have Fun!

Why grow your own food when you can buy it at the grocery store, covered in poison?

Why entertain yourself and interact with others, when you can sit on the couch, avoid eye contact with the people around you and have fake emotions pumped into your nervous system by the scripted action on the screen?

Why think for yourself when you can just repeat the talking points of perceived authority figures, who are corrupt to the core?

Why engage in the ancient rituals of seducing someone you find attractive, when you can just ride internet porn and order in some prostitutes?

Why work for yourself when you can just choose an occupation from an endless array of futile jobs, which have nothing to do with your innate talents?

Why raise your own kids when you can just hand them over to the state for full time gov love indoctrination?

Why express your own opinion when you can simply adopt the most popular opinion of the society you live in……with that popular opinion being manufactured by a corrupt media/government system?

Why pack your own meals when you travel by air or highway, when the airline and fast food restaurants will provide poisonous food like things for you and your loved ones to consume?

Why develop your own personality when you can just download one from your favorite TV show or movie?

Why learn to govern yourself when you can just mark an “X” on a piece of paper every 4 years, in order to beg a group of mentally unstable people to decide everything for you?

Why take responsibility for your life what so ever?

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