Why Our Social Engineers Pump Fake Laughter Into Their TV Shows

It’s important to understand the psychological impact that pumped in laughter has on an unsuspecting TV viewer. Humans are proven to learn most of their behavior through neuro-mirror firing and direct behavior mimicking. This means that the subconscious mind is well aware that a) there’s no husband or male parent in this TV scene and b) that the mother drinking wine is receiving positive enforcement, through¬†pumped in laugh tracks. The mind was proven long ago to have no ability to determine if the action being viewed is on a screen or is happening in real life. The mind processes all TV and movie images as happening in real life.

When any action is positively reinforced, it registers as “the safe card” in the brain’s behavior repertoire. It’s a good thing that one positively reinforced image doesn’t change our behavior instantly……..but repetitive messages are indeed proven to change our behavior. None of this would be so bad if this documented psychology was used to evolve or improve the population but of course we all know that our social engineers today use our screen media to continually throw us down the evolution ladder. Unfortunately the image of the “single struggling wine Mom” is one of the most repetitive images fired out of LA LA land today…….and there are firm psychological and tactical reasons for everything Hollywood releases toward the general public.

My Dad just emailed me this…love it! ???

Posted by muMEcations on Monday, July 22, 2019

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