Why Do Medical Doctors Poison Without Remorse?

Why Do Medical Doctors Poison Without Remorse?

The vast majority of medical doctors have no deep rooted desire to help humanity. Doctors, like all of us, grew up inside a society of terror, trauma, PTSD, fear and wide spread tyrannical HISTORICAL abuses of power…….by government, religion, medicine and science. The subconscious of any human is the most powerful super computer ever designed and it’s the subconscious that develops adaptation strategies to environmental stimuli, which in turn are designed to maximize safety, survival and security. The subconscious of the average medical doctor comes to the same EXACT SAME conclusions all humans come to when exposed to the perpetual abuses of power in our society…….and that conclusion is “it’s better to be handing out the abuse, than to receive it.” In the psychological world of PTSD, terror, panic, abuse and fear……..it’s truly safer to give than receive. So although it sounds good to tell people that medical doctors are the most intelligent, altruistic, noble and moral of the human herd………all we’re observing with medical doctors is the mad scramble and extreme lengths some humans will go to in order to protect themselves from a society gone mad……….up to and including a small group of people leap frogging each other to take occupations that exchange safety and security for the cutting, poisoning and burning of their fellow citizens back into the stone age. As for the majority who honor and fall in love with the doctors hired to poison, cut and burn them off the planet……….they’re under the exact same forms of mind control. A patient freely complying with (and even demanding) their own medical euthanasia, simply does so because they receive more safety and security for complying than they receive for resisting.

At this link a medical doctor discusses the trauma based mind control involved with the preparation of medical doctors – https://bit.ly/2LprEE0

At this added link a medical doctor writes an entire book regarding the fact that the conventional medical system is the leading cause of organized murder in the United States (and the EU) – https://bit.ly/1G7jjvc

At this added link many medical doctors come forward to admit that they were taught absolutely nothing about vaccines in medical school and that they just inject toxic vaccines into the uninformed public because they’re paid to and because they’re told to. (compliant order taking without moral or ethical review is the primary characteristic of a PTSD trauma victim) –https://bit.ly/2HIqr7a

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