Why Can’t We Stop Living Lives That Make us Overweight, Sick, Depressed and Die Early?

Is alcohol healthy in moderation? Is red wine healthier than other alcohols? The science is clear in regards to the answers (attached) but unfortunately humans don’t understand how their behavior is manufactured. All humans have a subconscious mind. The subconscious is a part of the mind that operates without our conscious awareness. This means you don’t know that the subconscious mind runs 24 hour per day, 7 days per week……for your entire life. Your subconscious is around 80,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. It’s job is to find acceptable behaviors and have you act them out, so you can fit into the tribe you live in. The more you fit in and the more you don’t rock the boat……the greater your chances of surviving. Humans like people who act, think and behave exactly as they do…..so “fitting in” with the majority is the job of the subconscious mind. The subconscious is a safety, survival and security based application, which directly manufactures 94-97% of our behavior…….without our logical or rational input. 

That means if the subconscious sees any repetitive behavior in your environment that makes you overweight, diseased, depressed and die early…..it will force you to do it……..just so you fit in. The people ruling you know this. You will act out, mirror, emulate and copy any repetitive behavior you see. The people who rule you know that your subconscious can’t tell the difference between a) real life behaviors b) behaviors acted out on a TV or movie screen and c) imagined behavior scenarios you create in your own mind through your imagination. This is why the people who rule you produce Hollywood films like say “Dirty Grandpa.” In the trailer at this added link, https://bit.ly/3jeL9iy we see alcohol displayed in the background 13 times in the first 60 seconds alone. The subconscious is proven to NEVER miss anything on screen, even though your conscious mind only focuses on the main characters. Our print and screen media are purposely littered with negative subconscious programming of all kinds….up to and including alcohol consumption. This negative behavior programming produces an extremely weak, diseased and heavily impressionable population…which in turn are easier to rule, manipulate, govern, control and steal from. We’re ruled by psychology……but there is hope. You can use this psychology to also program yourself for health, wealth and happiness. All you need to know is the special code and reprogramming language and then success is yours overnight. (literally….as the subconscious can be reprogrammed in as little as 24 hours)  

I’m having a LIVE Overcoming Self Sabotage Event in October vIa ZOOM for anyone in the world. This event will teach all participants how to reprogram and master their subconscious mind, which is the part of their minds that drive them toward mediocrity….in an attempt to find safety inside the average. If someone does this in their adult years, they will indeed find safety…….but they’ll also find addiction, misery, depression, disease, struggle and dysfunction. To accomplish big goals and to live out big dreams, you need this information. This live EVENT is inexpensive, it’s effective and it’s quick. All details at this link. https://bit.ly/3mSG5CW Discount pricing only active for another 2 days. Stop self sabotaging yourself. It’s time to show the world your gifts. No fear. All success. Take action today.

1. Alcohol is proven to cause cancer. https://bit.ly/2EF0lk7

2. Alcohol is proven to cause brain damage, even in moderation. https://wapo.st/2MX4QLT

3. Alcohol is proven to shorten life span in any amount. https://wapo.st/2Blg2Ap

4. Alcohol is proven to cause depression, schizophrenia and wide range of mental health disorders. https://bit.ly/2MAQ2FA

5. Study confirms the deaths of women by alcohol is sky rocketing, which was always the design. https://bit.ly/37jgyL3

6. Alcohol now proven to reduce life span and increase disease in any amount, just like cigarettes. https://bbc.in/2FDDE34

7. Alcohol is proven to increase the incidence and severity of viral infection. https://bit.ly/35uMR9o

8. Alcohol kills 3 million people every year. https://bit.ly/3bE3aCH

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