Why Are People Still Vaccinating?

The vast majority of people who still vaccinate don’t own one book on the vaccine issue, let alone execute hours of independent research to verify the sweeping and extremely illogical and irrational vaccine claims made by doctors, media, government, science and medicine. (the primary illogical claim of course being that you can inject health into someone, with poisons no less) The psychological motivations behind such pro vaccine behavior can be found inside what’s known as Stockholm Syndrome or Battered Woman’s Syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome is a well known psychological adaptation to fear and trauma, witnessed during a bank hostage incident in the early 1970’s, in Stockholm Sweden. This hostage taking lasted for several days, ending with many of the hostages siding with their captors and even developing romantic relationships with them. Stockholm syndrome is…..a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.

Generally speaking, Stockholm Syndrome consists of, “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.” All behaviors that come from any human are said to be based on the most safe adaptation that human can put forward, given the environment they’re living in. This is also why basic psychology dictates that if you can change the environment that the humans live in, you can change the human behaviors, therefore allowing the humans to believe they’re acting out of free will…….when they’re only adapting to the environment you’ve designed for them.

In order to control humans most efficiently you can’t tell them what to do…they generally don’t like that. What’s most efficient is structuring the environment in such a way where the humans do exactly what you want, but they believe they’re acting independent of outside control. When a human today vaccinates, they aren’t doing so because of the research. They’re reacting to the punishments, fear, pain and traumas that are purposely designed to be coming their way if they don’t vaccinate. That environment is purposely created by our human farmers, so the herd believes they’re acting out of free will, when the reality is that humans in fear are proven to place their own personal safety and security concerns above all other factors. Will a human poison their own child to guarantee their own personal safety and security, in front of an ever abusive authority figure? History, psychology and our current vaccine situation declares an emphatic YES to that question. Our social engineers are using documented psychology against the human herd to make them poison their own children and themselves. It’s that odd, simple and frightening….all at once.

So if you’re wondering why a parent can still vaccinate their child in this day and age when 1) they’ve conducted no personal research into the debate 2) it’s obvious conventional medical advice can’t make any child healthy 3) there’s not one book on the vaccine issue in that person’s home and 4) they attack anyone who doesn’t vaccinate even though they have no rational basis for their pro vaccine behavior or pro vaccine belief system……………..you need to understand that this person has been conditioned to poison their own child because poisoning the child on cue helps them avoid the fear, trauma, pain and various punishments that await anyone who talks or acts against the wishes of the abusive and often violent authority figure.

When a person vaccinates today it’s about them gaining safety and shelter from the punishment, the child really doesn’t factor into the decision what so ever. If the child factored into the decision, why would the situation end with the parent poisoning the child? Given there’s no creditable research that proves vaccines are safe or effective, how could any person declare that they’re vaccinating their child based on research that doesn’t exist? The medical doctors and PhD scientists at this added link will testify to this fact in great detail, that vaccine science is myth, fable and genocide/infanticide disguised as science ………..but then again, people vaccinating don’t care about the research because that’s not what’s driving their behavior. goo.gl/RSMg9Q People vaccinating today don’t care about the research because their personal safety, security and acceptance with the herd is what’s driving their blind faith in vaccine mythology. It’s obvious our society has not only been manipulated psychologically, we need to investigate why our human farmers are so interested in injecting poison into the children. Why are our social engineers, who masquerade as altruistic governments, so interested in psychologically manipulating the public to vaccine poison themselves and their own children? I address this answer is many other articles on this page.

Lets review this definition again. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME and BATTERED WOMAN’S SYNDROME : consist of strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other. Is it time to add CHILD VACCINE SACRIFICE SYNDROME (CVSS) to that category? The answer should be obvious.


  1. Bill Galloway

    Priceless! …”Claim they can inject health into someone…with poisons no less.”

  2. Jen Evans

    Brilliant!! I agree 100%! Yes, the more pressing question is why do the human farmers want us injecting poison into our bodies! I struggle w the mass ignorance- I watch people’s eyes glass over when I try to save them. Yet they vehemently defend a side that would destroy them- thank you for this article! I look forward to reading more & find comfort in the fact that free thinking individuals still exist ….for now.


    Hear! Hear!

  4. Nina Lewis

    The invisible hasmat suit provided from vaccinations is so awesome that everyone must get one or they don’t work.

  5. Lan

    As a single mom with children I have had the issue of my ‘beliefs’ (yet really my diligent research) about vaccinations used against me in court. I totally agree with Jason’s findings and the link between Stockholm Syndrome and vaccines. It’s all so sadly true. I’ve been doing the research for years and had an intuitive hit about 15 years ago that infant vaccines were related to the increase in Autism.

    Thank you Jason!

  6. Linda Racey Bogle

    It’s definitely psycological warfare 🙁

  7. Damon

    You are a mosern day hero Sir.

  8. Damon


  9. Leah Lacerte

    Thank you. I am just now this last month in turmoil with family over my stance on vaccines vs theres. It’s been emotionally taxing. My gut and everything in me says NO. But staying strong and remembering the obvious can be hard when family is threatening their relationship with me.

    To anyone else facing the same thing, remember you are right. You are strong and you are smart. I salute anyone taking an alternate path then the vaccines

  10. Keely

    So very well put. Great article and insight!

  11. Rick

    Thanks Jason!

  12. Audrey

    Many will cringe at the truth behind this brilliant article! Americans, especially, are so trained to believe that our nation is so innocent, free, and caring of our people…But we have been BOUGHT. Our children have a shorter life expectancy than us in this modern day and age. This is ALARMING.

  13. Debby D.

    You need to write an article about the elite’s agenda for world wide mass depopulation with mass poisoning by vaccination. It’s no accident that children are being poisoned the world over. Also address the New World Order eugenics and Bill Gates roll in pushing vaccination.

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