What People Don’t Know About Facebook

The phrase that applies here is “quiet weapons for silent wars” and Facebook is a battleship that targets the foundation of our society directly, without the public’s knowledge. For example, businesses are permitted to advertise on Facebook for payment. Sounds simple enough. You have a product that you want to sell and Facebook allows you can target market your sales ads, to pre-qualified buyers. Great, what couldn’t be better!

But what people don’t know is that any sort of “health improvement” pictures or testimonials aren’t permitted by Facebook and ads proving that people “can improve themselves” are strictly prohibited. The psychology at play here is simple. Our social engineers know that all humans copy, mimic and mirror what ever they see with their eyes. https://bit.ly/1MBAAC1 Showing any human a picture of another human “improving their weight or health” will often end with the receiver of the image doing the same. And that’s why Facebook algorithms “push” negative and fear based commentary into the collective yet equally inhibit anything positive the humans could mimic. What this means is that I could sell and promote “heavy gravy” or “ice cream” on Facebook with no advertising issues what so ever yet any “before and after pictures” exhibiting humans becoming better…….aren’t permitted. It’s all about making sure the citizens keep falling down the evolutionary ladder and drown in a tsunami of negative role modelling, which normalizes and celebrates disease, dysfunction and slave like compliance to the system. This is no different than Amazon permitting the sale of sex dolls (that reflect ages of 10 years old or under), while refusing to sell documentaries that PROVE vaccines are toxic, unsafe and ineffective. You’re only given freedom in the areas that don’t count. You’re only given the freedom to be your worst, never your best……..and all the big Silicon Valley companies are in on it. They want you fat, broke, scared and stupid folks because you’re easier to control, manipulate, govern and steal from when you’re like that. It’s a full court press from the ruling 1%, disguised as government and big business.

Click here for an extensive article regarding the mind control tactics used by Facebook.

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