What It Takes To Stay Asleep

It’s going to take everything you got to stay asleep. It’s hard work and it’s not for the faint of heart. Being an obedient, order following, drone bot, government loving, media repeating, never changing, evolution hating, self loathing, hedonism embracing, herd controlled, self serving, inversion celebrating automaton….is a full time job. It’s not easy destroying every ounce of potential inside of yourself. It takes daily effort, dedication and a lifetime of ignoring truth, attacking truth and maintaining a passionate love affair with the lies. The regime of staying asleep is intense. Morning coffee, toxic food intake all day/every day, cigarettes, narcotics, poisonous medications, watching your screen, waiting in line patiently for your brain damaging vaccines, paying hard earned money for those mercury teeth fillings that also destroy your brain, working those great paying jobs that poison and destroy everyone in your community……..it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. And then BANG, right out of bed to do the exact same thing the very next day, day in and day out, for decades at a time. Something to behold. It’s like the Olympics but the gold medals are given to the people who fall flat on their faces…..every single day.

And that’s just the brain damaging routine for staying asleep. Some boot licking, government loving, media regurgitating, order takers say that’s the easy part. What about remembering all your lines in your drone bot script? “Vaccines are safe and effective”, “don’t forget to vote”, “your vote counts”, “I just paid my taxes” (when your money was really stolen), “vaccines don’t cause Autism”, “Christopher Columbus discovered America”, “the science is settled”, “I’m sick because of my genetics” “we are free” etc etc. Who can keep all the lies straight unless you dedicate yourself day and night. People can’t get fat, stupid and broke without putting in all the hard work. It takes perseverance, team work and the fine art of constantly destroying the very best parts of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s a grueling routine. Coffee, junk food, driving to your lie based job, destroying the organization where you work by riding social media all day and not being productive, gossip, eat more junk food, drive home, engage in some mindless consumption at the mall, watch the screen, wine, booze, cigs, weed, narcotics, meds, keep your head down, keep lying to yourself, keep lying to others………and then hit repeat. Get up the very next day, keep going, add in more and more trips to the doctor as you break down from the lies and keep eating more and more medical poisons. Our sleep walking army are WARRIORS of the lie. Well done. Lets tip our hats to all the hard working drone bots out there who work day and night destroying themselves, destroying their communities, destroying our planet and destroying the future. We couldn’t burn this paradise down to the ground without you. Keep up the great work

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