What Does “Approval” Really Mean?

Above is a picture of an article of Doug Ford excited about vaccines arriving to Ontario…

Ontario’s Doug Ford is excited about the vaccine arrival and expects Health Canada will approve the new COVID vaccines but what exactly does that mean? What does “approval” really mean? The vaccines are untested through regular channels, killing one trial participant in Brazil and crippling another in the UK? If Health Canada “approves” these vaccines it means that if the vaccine in question kills or cripples anyone, there is no legal repercussions for the government, the vaccine makers or Health Canada………because under a “declared emergency” all parties are shielded from legal liability if the medical products encouraged by the state kill and/or cripple. With no legal liability for the vaccine makers or the government, why wouldn’t these vaccines be approved instantly….especially when Health Canada has been caught in the past putting the Canadian public’s health at risk because of big pharma pressure? Not sure if that small caveat appears in this news report. Why is the public not being told the finer details?


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