We Have Over 300 Trillion Viruses Contributing To Our Homeostatic Balance…..

Scientist recounts that we have 360 trillion viruses in our body and that their main job is to make us healthy and control our systems for health based homeostasis. According to the “media”, “science” and “government”…viruses are bad and we need to avoid each and everyone of them. Oddly enough there’s more bacterial and viral genes in our bodies than human genes. Even today many people think “sickness” is a malfunction….when an equal group of scientists believe sickness is just a cleaning phase initiated by the body, when we need a good clean out. There’s much the general public isn’t told about viruses and it appears done on purpose….so that incomplete viral information can be weaponized against an uninformed public. Sickness is natural and so are viruses. Viruses aren’t here to destroy us…..they’re there to help us in the vast majority of cases. It’s up to us to stop polluting ourselves with toxic lifestyles and then blame invisible viruses as the culprit. When it comes down to visible junk food, alcohol and unhealthy habits etc making us sick or invisible viruses….in most cases it’s the visible poisons and toxins we’re ingesting and injecting.

What Is In The Human Virome?

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