Vaccines Concretely Proven To Cause Brain Damage of Fetus/Children With Only One Dose – Part 2

…….continued from part 1.

WARNING – this article is for advanced readers only. Please read part 1 before you proceed.

Vaccination (the inflammation it causes) has been clinically proven to increase the chances of autism and schizophrenia between 700% and 1400%.

Dr. Blaylock also goes on to state that no studies have ever been done on how vaccines affect the pregnancy itself or fetal deformities but with the Gardasil Vaccine… was also encouraged to pregnant women by government authorities and that ended with many women having large numbers of spontaneous abortions directly after the vaccinations and deformed babies on delivery in the vaccinated women……….so medical experts only then called of recommending Gardasil for pregnant women…………but only after the disaster was in full play.

So why is the Eastern Ontario Health Unit recommending healthy pregnant women get the shot on every piece of promotional literature they have when the most qualified medical authority on brain damage in North America has already warned people to not get the H1N1 vaccination?

In a room full of doctors no one would ever dare engage Dr. Blaylock in an argument concerning vaccine safety because not only does he know too much, he does not even work………all he does is research the subject of brain damage from toxins…..he stopped conducting brain surgeries because so many people had brain damage from toxins that he considered trying to fix brain damage after the fact completely futile………..Dr. Blaylock has the hard science to back up exactly what he is saying about how vaccines damage the brain and nervous system.

Why does Dr. Blaylock have medical study after medical study proving vaccines cause permanent brain damage, seizures, schizophrenia and neuro-behavioral problems from the top research scientists in the world yet The Eastern Ontario Health Unit lists no studies what so ever proving vaccines are safe and only lists pages like this on their website?

Why would The Eastern Ontario Health Unit recommend sick children receive Tamilfu when Health Canada issued a fatal Health Warning regarding Tamiflu in 2005? Out of 84 Canadians who reported adverse reactions after taking Tamilfu……..10 died. You have a 0.00005% chance of dying from the flu but if you take Tamilfu your chance of death is potentially 11%. Makes sense right?

Dr. Blaylock explains that women who are vaccinated during pregnancy have a 1 in 50 chance of giving birth to a child with autism or schizophrenia. The same women only have a 1 in 300,000 chance of being admitted to hospital from complications related to getting the flu.

So why the decision to vaccinate all pregnant women and include them as a target group………the first to get vaccinated……the group most susceptible to fear………the group most manipulated by the conventional male dominated medical system throughout the ages…….the group that holds the future of our society in their wombs………and when all the hard science states that they are most at risk for being injured by any chemicals…….let alone chemicals injected right into their bodies.

Should North American license plates come with a standard greeting, “A land where fantasy is king and reality is scoffed at“.

Do you really believe chemicals are good for your health and that mercury and all these other chemicals in vaccines will somehow protect or make a unborn child more healthy?

Is it that people just don’t want to believe this is happening or is it that people would still do nothing even if they admitted to themselves that this was indeed happening right in front of our eyes.

Does admitting the truth mean you are a bad person or a bad parent for giving yourself or your kids vaccines already when you later discover they are unhealthy. No, not at all. My parents vaccinated me and I have told them I forgive them because they did not know. If I found out they did know both sides of the story and still vaccinated me, I would not be so understanding.

It would be a crying shame to actually know and still keep vaccinating. That is the whole point. At least be able to tell yourself, your family and your kids that you made the decesion based on knowledge and not fear….and not just from a web page like this.

Take the time to watch this entire interview with Dr. Blaylock and get the other side of the story.

Do you think you can look someone in the eyes after vaccine injury occurs and tell them you could not spare the time to watch this interview with Dr. Blaylock to get both sides of the story. This is the other side of the story the people selling the vaccines have been keeping from you for decades. The reasons they want to hide the news will be obvious.

One sick cell in your body means you cannot function optimally. One sick child in your community means we cannot function optimally. This affects you on every level.

If you notice in the Health Canada write up cited above regarding Tamilfu the main inference from the writings is, “pay no mind to the 10 deaths regarding Tamilfu“.

It is also easy to notice that when someone dies from something that is not even confirmed as being from the H1N1 virus that the Canadian Health Authorities jump into action right away, calling an immediate press conference to say, “pay attention over here ….we will tell you when to be concerned about a death and when not to be…..”

Who thinks this makes any sense and why do people think they have to play a game of Russian Roulette to acquire health? When is the last time your grand mother made homemade soup that could make you healthy but could also kill you? If such a medical soup did exist would a parent take the child and stand 2 hours in a line up to make sure their children got their fair share of the potentially fatal soup?

It was never about the H1N1 vaccine. It is about following blindly. Many people have had the act of thinking independently surgically removed from them. 1 vaccine or 10 vaccines……..some groups will be there in line regardless, responding to the call.

They are called the target groups. An interesting title indeed.

The idea that you need to become unhealthy first in order to acquire true health sometime in the future is just not logical or rational.

If you want to listen to one interview t
hat will tell you absolutely everything that is scientifically proven to occur during or after vaccinations you need to sit down and take the time to watch Dr. Blaylock completely dismantle even the smallest hint that vaccines are safe for anyone, of any age and with any medical condition.

Click here to watch the entire interview.

I have met some parents who say they have no time to watch this short interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock but they had the time to take 3 hours out of their day to stand in line for the flu shot.

At least watch this interview first and then decide.

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  1. Jenny Jellybean

    What information do you have on the safety of unadjuvanted H1N1 flu shots that will be available this month? Am I correct in understanding that it's the mercury contained in the adjuvanted formulas that poses health risks? I am 15 wks pregnant & have a 26 mth old child,born prematurely, aswell as a 12 yr old with asthma.

  2. Jason

    The adjuvanted vaccine has never been approved before in Canada and the US did not want to order any of it because of the high chance of law suits that comes with it because the negative effects of the adjuvanted vaccine are accelerated. The adjuvanted vaccine sits at the top of the list regarding vaccine danger because it simply has additional chemicals included and that increases the immune response…..which just means the immune system is more threatened by more chemical intruders. An immune response to chemicals is normal but it's connection to immunity has always been questioned, as the biggest outbreaks of vaccinate targeted diseases have come in vaccinated groups of people.

    Don't automatically assume being vaccinated means you are protected because even the government will not even make that guarantee.

    Here is some info an adjuvants and the dangers they have been found to hold.

    Please continue reading and watching what is listed on this site. Thanks for writing and all chemicals in the vaccine pose a risk. One must understand that the medical industry is based on the concept that chemicals can improve health. This has to be thought of carefully in regards to if it the concept is logical or not.

    Have you been doing what the medical community asks of you up into this point? How are the results? Do the results offer proof that what is being circulated leads to a healthy family. What they say (take vaccines)is an important as what they do not say. (never addressing how good food boosts immunity and makes healthy kids)

    Also try tracing existing health issues of the family to medical interferencs, as asthma is highly related to previous vaccinations etc

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Estulin

    Are the very foundations of the nation state at the brink of extinction? Can we draw any parallels with year 2012 (a global staged depression is surely on the agenda). People have been warning us for decades… FDR, JFK, Ghandi, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker, etc…

    For more information on the current, see the latest article.

    "An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propogation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." Ghandi

    "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" JFK

    To the fine citizens of Cornwall…
    I stongly suggest that each and everyone of you who is able to read and/or use any from of common sense or gut instinct to try and resist the news of the mainstream. It will only cloud your judgement, thereby hindering your actions and thus causing chaos.

    Be your own journalist, be your own scientist, trust your body.

    Trust Jason's information! He is is doing a great job by getting you the proper news/ media sources. The least we can do is listen. Be respectful of those whom are making a geniune effort to inform the public of the truth

    Get Energized!

  4. Estulin

    More on the vaccine front…

    Check out the latest articles below…

    1. Is the latest vaccine shotage created to increase public demand? You be the judge…

    2. Is the latest outbreak in Ukraine something that was staged?

    3. Good Ol' government damage control…

    …but there is still hope…

    Get Energized!

  5. beth

    i had the H1N1 nov. 9th,2009. 20 min. later i had dizziness, burning in the brain and chest, limp legs and arms, and went to the emergency room. They treated me for the uncontrollable shaking and I was sent home. Since then doctors did not help me and some said they do not know what to do because h1n1 so new. I have walked into walls, loss my memory, drug my leg, facial droop on right side, blurred vision followed by spots and floating debris, stumbled on words, slow mentally, crying when head feels tight and burns, gurgling in throat, etc. No one has helped me. I continue on for my four children and to gain my life back. It has been life altering. I feel mentally and physically disabled. It has been a nightmare. I did not know vaccines could do such horrible damage.

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