Vaccine Fever Pitch in Italy

Vaccine Fever Pitch in Italy

Hoping this is true. A couple of years ago the depopulation agenda started to hit a fever pitch in Italy, where people still care about their children. An evil force that has hijacked government, science and medicine tried to force Italian parents to vaccinate their children in order to attend public school. Many organized, fought back, removed the existing genocidal repeaters in government and took back some form of control it appears. Now the ruling party in power has appeared to fire the pro vaccine doctors who occupy government health committee seats……who still insist that injecting poison into children will make them healthy. Want to poison children……..OK, you’re fired. Let’s wait this one out because if this is true, evil just took a big hard kick right to the nuts. Once people start understanding the evil lives inside govenrment, science and medicine…….these corrupt institutions will be burnt to the ground overnight. Beware the smiling assassin in the white lab coat, who’s highly compensated with fake paper currency, for poisoning you and your children back into the stone age. The truth about vaccines below…….

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