Vaccine Damage – A Story of Polio, Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Medical Misconduct

Vaccine Damage – A Story of Polio, Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Medical Misconduct

Click here to start, to view a $61 million dollar legal settlement to parents of a vaccine injured child. One injury caused by the vaccine was legally documented as cerebral palsy (CP).

I once had the extreme pleasure of meeting a very soft spoken man, who’s child had cerebral palsy, CP. I almost broke down when she walked by, dragging herself on some type of braced device, which was designed to hold her up. He was very proud of her, he was a great Dad and I started to talk to him.

I remember reading a Dr. Blaylock article once, which stated that in 1956 the American Medical Association issued a decree to practicing physicians (obey the lie based mandate or we won’t let you have a job and feed your family) that doctors could no longer use the original definition of polio, as polio and could only categorize paralysis as diseases like CP, Guillian-Barre, acute flaccid paralysis, Bell’s palsy, ALS, MS etc, so the public would be hood winked into believing that the polio vaccine had saved the world from polio. Dr. Blaylock also went on to recount that two medical doctors testified in Congress that polio was caused by heavy metal based pesticides, which did to humans, what they were intended to do to bugs and that was to paralyze them and kill them. All the evidence was that polio was not a viral disease but was a poisoning.  Polio was therefore invented as a viral disease to save the government and chemical companies from litigation. Many believe that the poisoning of the public’s food supply is simply an extension of ancient eugenic philosophy. The poisoning of the public’s food supply, in order to maintain public control (as a primary ingredient for governance) still continues at a rapid pace to this very day. A complete compilation of evidence proving polio is heavy metal poisoning, causing paralysis, can be found by clicking here.

As the child dragged herself by me, her crippled body looked like someone I knew, who was diagnosed with polio. Again what really happened was that polio was from heavy metal based pesticides and not a virus and that polio skyrocketed in vaccinated populations because vaccines contained many paralyzing compounds (heavy metals in particular), but polio rates still appeared to drop because medical professionals called it something else. So basically a massive scam orchestrated on the general public. There are entire books written on this scam, with fully referenced sources. This book is one.

I talked to the father of the child with CP, as we both sat together and I asked him when it happened to the child, when did he notice that his daughter was parlayed and he said, “directly from birth“. The weight of proof again is firmly in the corner of the medical system being an extension of eugenic philosophy and that vaccines are given most heavily to infants, at a time when the parent is least likely to notice the damage that’s being done to the child. 24 highly toxic vaccines in Canada before the age of 1 and 26 in the US. The conventional medical system itself, is already proven the largest cause of premature death in the US, out killing US citizens compared to cancer and heart disease combined.  The US has the highest infant mortality rate out of all developed nations. Canada is right behind the US. The state that makes vaccination mandatory inside the US has the highest infant morality rate in the US. The connection of vaccination to child death and injury is firm. This is not an accident or misunderstanding of science, this is a eugenic agenda where all parties are lied to (including the doctors themselves) from a central organizing body.

I was very interested in the “right from birth” comment regarding his child’s CP. I said, “How do you know she couldn’t walk properly, that she had CP, if she couldn’t move at all, as an infant?” and he replied, “Well, my wife and I really didn’t notice she couldn’t walk properly until she tried to walk but our doctor assured us it was from birth“. There’s that lying doctor again, who is there to steer the parents away from logic and into an area where no parent should be going. I was not happy with what I was hearing. Everything I had learned was being confirmed. My heart and head sank immediately and I thought, “this is a massive ambush for these uninformed parents“. Vaccination’s ability to cause CP is already proven in court as well as with the first link at the top of the page. These parents had their kid poisoned by the state…..using propaganda, paid actors who lie and peer pressure to make everyone move in the direction the ruling 1% desire we move in. These parents were lied to every step of the way.

The reality of our situation is so sinister and so dark that it’s easy to understand why no one really wants to look this reality in the eye. May we wake up sooner than later and may the children forgive us for not being able to see this absolute evil that operates openly, right in front of our eyes.

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