Two Slaves Talking About Measles and The Measles Vaccine

Listening to some ladies next to me yesterday discuss “the measles” and “the measles vaccine“. Oddly enough “their opinions” are the exact same talking points inserted into them by a corrupt two headed media/government hydra. You know the drill of the sheep……repeat, obey, comply, inject the poison, act confused as to why you’re so sick, eat medical poison prescribed to you by the same doctor who just injected you with vaccine poison, get more sick, act more confused. eat a hot dog and drink a pop at the charity fund raiser, blame your disease on the unvaccinated or anyone else who’s healthy, die early, praise the system that killed you etc etc. You know the talking points as well… “Measles is coming back”, “it’s because people don’t vaccinate“…..yada, yada, yada. You know….slave talk, tripping over themselves to live their worst lives. Working around the clock to legitimize their own genocide, slavery and stealth euthanasia.

What do these two ladies know about the measles or the measles vaccine? The answer is…..absolutely nothing. Instead of researching, it’s just easier to never investigate anything (on any level) and simply repeat what the radio, medical authorities or newspapers say on the matter. This way, when you’re down at the local coffee shop swigging back your favorite cup of poison, you can fit in with the other panicked and fear controlled livestock. The goal of this media/gov love/medical ambush is to make the people demand they be poisoned because then it’s not so obvious as to what the real agenda is. So what’s REALLY going on with the measles vaccine and the measles anyway? Medical doctor below sums it all up in 3 minutes, for anyone not looking to repeat the lies of known liars..

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