Turn Your Life Around in 4 Hours……..

We have choices in life. We could start a business and become wealthy (in full control of our innate creativity and each minute we breathe within this temporary experience) or we could work a mundane job for 35 years, take orders and have no creative control over our immense potential. So what do most people choose? Most people choose what the majority is doing because that’s how our behavior is actually formulated. What the public isn’t told is that happiness, love, joy, purpose and your dreams DO NOT DRIVE YOUR DECISIONS OR YOUR BEHAVIOR. What drives your decisions and behavior is basically what everyone else is doing.

This is why people smoke, drink coffee, drink booze, do drugs, eat junk food, work jobs they don’t like, vote for mental defectives to rule over them, eat medical poison, inject medical poison, believe government is their friend or even get married at the same time as everyone else……. even though most of it will wrap you up in a depression cocoon and drown you in a tsunami of perpetual misery. See…….there’s something the people who rule you aren’t telling you about your behavior. You think you’re thinking it all out and making it all up based on careful consideration…….but you’re not. That’s why you can’t manufacture what you really want in life because media and government are already in your head manufacturing what you don’t want. You’re just easier to control when you’re messy and that’s why they program you to be a 24 hour disaster. You could be amazing starting tomorrow but since everyone else is average…..you pick average instead. It’s that simple……but it doesn’t have to be this way if you know some simple tricks.

As a self sabotage coach, I’m in the mind control business……the business of teaching you how to reprogram your mind for instant success and how to put the government/media trash programming (that’s destroying your life) to the curb. I’ll teach you things about the media/gov control grid that will leave your jaw on the floor. If you want a better life and if you want to remove the gov/media mind viruses that are destroying any chance you’ll ever acquire health, wealth and happiness……..come work with me LIVE at the end of October. Limited attendance via ZOOM available. https://bit.ly/3jsAmkz Don’t miss your chance to get your life back on track and learn information that’s purposely hidden from you. Give me 4 hours and your life will never be the same. Stop being a human mess and start being a human success.


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