Top 50 Fat Buring Tips – Rituals Of Self Love

Top 50 Fat Buring Tips – Rituals Of Self Love

Don’t forget that to use this information you need to be empowered. Empowered to make changes. Empowered to go against the crowd. Empowered to judge the results of the information you use, regardless of source.  Being taught WHAT to think is different that being taught HOW to think.

All humans are creative spirits and can do anything they wish because they carry free-will. Free-will means we can choose to work for ourselves or work for others, think for ourselves or let others do our thinking, take action or allow others to set our goals for us etc.  Free-will is at the core of our humanity.

The list below is only useful when a person is empowered to think and act independently. All items below are actually rituals. They’re all rituals of self love. All the actions listed below can sometimes be hard to implement if the person is accustomed to rituals of body disrespect or rituals that don’t reflect self love.

That’s why eating correctly or exercising twice per week (in all seasons) is so difficult for many. Those people were often taught that the body was designed to be abused and not loved. If a person, who’s not used to practicing self love, is asked to to eat healthy on a regular basis…….you often see a reaction like you asked them to climb Mount Everest. Eating right is about self love, exercise is about self love, spending money on your health is about self love and unfortunately this isn’t easy for anyone who doesn’t really love or respect themselves. Although 100% of people will declare a love of self when asked, one need only focus on the actions of any person to determine their level of self love. People who lack self love have destructive patterns in all they do. From what they eat to when they sleep and from what they do for entertainment to how they exercise etc.

Baby steps are suggested for anyone who has a difficult time implementing  any course of action that’s related to respecting the body. Start with one item on the list below and work toward adding more rituals of self love every week. Those rituals can literally reprogram the subconscious mind to start weaving the pattern of self respect and self love into all thoughts that originate in the mind itself. Once self love is woven into the subconscious mind it will produce more and more ideas that reflect self love subconsciously. Think about the mind as being a photocopier that produces bigger versions of any pattern it picks up on. That means the love of self, life and others starts to become more automatic as each day passes.

You will know what programming you hold currently by taking a look at your body. Your body is a reflection of what you believe and what you have been taught regarding self respect and love of self. Take your cloths off and look in the mirror. You created that with your beliefs. The body’s physical shape reflects if what you believe is compatible with the genetic truth that’s held within your body. The more your truth is parallel with your genetic truth…….the happier, healthier and wealthier you’ll be.

If your body looks good or you’re making progress…………congratulations. If you don’t like the reflecti0n of all your life decisions up until this point………..empower yourself to make a change. Empower yourself that the old ideas have to go and some new ideas have to take their place. Judge your results. Let the results guide you. Get rid of people, relationships and habits that don’t serve you. You can do it. You have free will . It’s already in you.

Top 50 Fat Burning Tips -Rituals of Self Love

1.                    Eat Organic – as unprocessed as possible – including spices, condiments etc

2.                    Watch out for organic “sucker” foods – like organic candy, organic cookies, organic ice cream etc

3.                    Use Metabolic Typing to narrow down which foods are best for you

4.                    Eat dairy free

5.                    Eat gluten free

6.                    Avoid using microwave ovens

7.                    Drink half your weight (in ounces) of clean spring water per day (in-between your meals)

8.                    Avoid Toxins – use fluoride free toothpaste

9.                    Avoid Toxins – avoid mercury teeth fillings by eating foods that don’t rot your teeth in the first place

10.                 Avoid Toxins – get a shower filter and sink filters

11.                 Avoid Toxins – drink filtered water or preferably drink glass bottled spring water

12.                 Avoid Toxins – reject medications – avoid the lifestyle that starts disease

13.                 Avoid Toxins – use organic and chemical free personal care products

14.                 Avoid Toxinsonly use stainless steel pans when preparing your food

15.                 Avoid Toxins – only use glass storage containers for your food

16.                 Avoid Toxins – use only sea salt – never table salt (sodium chloride)

17.                 Get 15 minutes of raw sun light (no block) over your whole body daily

18.                 Use a full spectrum non toxic sun block if working or playing in the sun

19.                 Get to bed by 10:30 and get up with the sun

20.                 Look at the sun rise and thank the sun for the life it provides when possible

21.                 Don’t watch TV

22.                 Get a massage on a regular basis

23.                 Have sex frequently – flirt frequently

24.                 Exercise 3-6 times per week at an intensity that you can recover from

25.                 Avoid chronic walking or jogging if your goal is to lose weight and tone up

26.                 Brush and floss after every meal – use a Sonicare tooth brush

27.                 Learn how to soak and/or sprout all nuts and seeds prior to consumption

28.                 Get an air filter for your bedroom or even the entire home

29.                 Build houses or perform house renovations with non toxic wood, stone products or other non toxic building materials

30.                 Read before bed. Focus on books that help master relationships, your personal finances and your health

31.                 Avoid piercing, cutting and tattooing the body. Avoid all cosmetic enhancement procedures/surgeries.

32.                 Keep all your organs intact by living a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding the conventional “sick care” system at all costs.

33.                 Avoid medical testing for conditions tied to an unhealthy lifestyle. Avoid unhealthy habits.

34.                 Perform a general cleanse twice per year.

35.                 Take a high quality whole food multi vitamin and fish oil supplement every day.

36.                 Be your own health care provider and be proactive with your health.

37.                 Educate before you vaccinate – get both sides of the story.

38.                 Take a couple rounds of probiotics per year.

39.                 Breastfeed your children for 2 years. Wait 2-3 years between child births.

40.                 Consume healthy fats. Don’t be fat phobic. Educate about healthy fats.

41.                 Take a shower before bed.

42.                 Keep a maximum distance from power lines, wireless Internet, electric blankets, cell phone towers, cell phones and other electrical devices.

43.                 Stretch or perform yoga several times per week.

44.                 Meditate and let yourself, others and the Universe know your deepest wants and desires.

45.                 Avoid the crowd and the majority. History proves the minority is right, in most cases.

46.                 Avoid believing/trusting in academia without concrete proof that it will provide the exact results you’re looking for. (avoid pain and seek pleasure)

47.                 Limit time in chlorine/bromine pools/hot tubs etc.  Eliminate all tap water based products to avoid toxins.

48.                 Sweat weekly in a dry sauna, infrared sauna, hot sun, playing sport etc.

49.                 Luffa sponge your skin all over once per day.

50.                 Always think positive and socialize with positive people who create their dreams

51.                  Never over eat, even if the food is healthy.

52.                 Use chlorine free toilet paper. Your body will thank you.

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