Top 5 Skills To Master in 2021

  1. Staying Centered – the psychological behavior modification operation we’re all living in right now is based on destabilizing the human psyche. We’re all being exposed to what’s known as touch-less torture techniques, which again are designed to regress the public into an infantile and erratic state. Keep the TV, radio and newspapers away from you and your family. Stay focused, healthy, empowered and connected to each other.
  2. Financial Mastery – most people don’t know what’s happening right now regarding this entire psychological operation being about a broken financial system, which has already collapsed behind the scenes. Pensions are looted, overinflated currency supplies are making money worthless and massive price inflation is around the corner. If you’re not into crypto currencies, mining stocks and some hard asset gold/silver……it’s not too late to take action. Conventional stock portfolios are skyrocketing and will continue to skyrocket until the monetary printing is withdrawn…..and then the greatest depression will begin. Doing nothing right now guarantees you’ll have very little or nothing left when the final stages of this plan are executed. Even if you have an “essential job” the money you’re going to be paid in will lose most of its purchasing power, so you as well need to take action.
  3. Staying Healthy – you will need every ounce of your strength and health moving forward, just to center yourself mentally, given the non stop fear, terror and panic attack coming out of the TV. If you’re still spending money on junk food, alcohol, coffee and other things that remove your health……’re literally not paying attention to what sort of power you’re going to need moving forward or the wasted financial resources your investing in your own premature death. If you would have invested just $1000 in bitcoin in 2011……you would have $156 million dollars today. There are still deals like this to be had out in the world. Start paying attention and start using every cent you have to your advantage. Spending money to poison yourself, while the financial opportunities of a life time float by, is exactly what your human farmers want you to do. Stop investing your own time and your own money in being your worst. Do the opposite, invest to be your best.
  4. Use Your Voice – if it doesn’t make sense and you know it, speak about it. Be polite, be accurate and use cited sources. Remove opinion and publish fact based arguments and explanations instead. Spread knowledge and educate the others about what is really happening. As Joe and Jane Coffee Shop are fighting about cases, distancing, masks and lock downs (all based on a threat never proven to even exist)……they really have no idea that the NWO butcher is setting a nice cutting table out for them in the abattoir. Save who you can and let Karen and Kevin TV Watcher slip under the water line, if they don’t want your extended hand. If you’re posting useless nonsense on your social media feeds, when you know what’s really happening, you’re part of the problem.
  5. Hope for The Best and Prepare for the Worst – how is your food supply? Do you have any firearms? What happens if people start looting and want the food or firewood you have? Do you have any alternate heat sources? Do you have any alternate water sources or ways to filter fouled tap water? Do you have friends to call if you need some backup? Do you have any seeds? Now would be a good time to purchase them in North America. Do you know how to hunt or fish? How are your finances, if you can’t work for 6 months? Do you have a strong mate, with various survival skills, or an infantile partner who is more like an additional child to care for? How are your skills online for generating supplemental income, if most of the businesses close down? You don’t need to master everything on that list but start putting time into things that count. Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. Stop reading the newspapers. They are the primary weapons of this take over attempt and anyone believing them as truth is already beyond hope. Remove the routines of poison based self gratification and start really making some concrete plans. Enough of the non stop entertainment, move your energy over to non stop education and empowered action.


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