This Story and Video Will Change Your Life For The Better…

A lady would wake every morning. What she didn’t know is that she was destined to be a world famous chef who had her own international cooking show. A woman destined to be adored by the entire world. She worked a hum drum job, which caused her immense emotional, spiritual and even physical pain. She got good marks in school, was a professional people pleaser, got the good government job with the pension…but was now spiraling into pain, addiction and ill health. This increasing pain had to do with her soul fully understanding that she was wasting her life away, one second at a time. This pain of course is very valuable to our success in life….but only if we can develop the courage to feel it. We’re designed to react to pain. Pain means CHANGE COURSE and THINK DEEPLY about your life journey. As the pain arrived each and every morning, in order to set her on a path to great riches and to deep spiritual satisfaction, she would grab her morning cup of coffee (caffeine tranquilizer)……in order to sedate to her pain. What was there to help her, she never wanted to feel. All she had to do was hear the messages inside her pain but she wanted no part of it. She was wasting her life…but she didn’t want to look, feel or touch her own reality.

And so the cycle goes. The pain teacher having all the secrets to our best life and then our general fear of hearing those secrets. Caffeine is a narcotic, proven to tranquilize the nervous system and it’s the perfect drink to consume if we travel into the world every morning, to do what we were never meant to do. The sugar based snacks at her hum drum job around 12 noon took care of the pain teacher at that time. Her never ending consumption of narcotic and tranquilizing intakes always telling the secrets of life to once again GO AWAY and to never return. The pain teacher still arrived at night none the less yet this lady would silence the secrets of the Universe one more time with junk food, wine and a long dose of distraction based TV watching. And then one day this lady passed away into dust, never realizing what she was sent to this planet to do……simply because she never developed the courage to face her pain, which was only calling out to provide her the keys to her kingdom. The easy road always becomes the hard road…..the hard road always becomes the easy road.

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