This Belief Guarantees Someone Is Under Mind Control

Mind control is based on deliberate hacking of the subconscious mind with repetitive messages. This part of the mind is in charge of our safety, survival and security. The subconscious actively looks for repetitive content in the environment because repetitive content represents the bigger herd and the most widely accepted behavior….and therefore denotes where the safer position is to be found. Our subconscious then forces us to act out this behavior, regardless of any other factor. The subconscious operates without morality, ethics, logic or rational thought. If the repetitive messaging reflects illogical, immoral, self destructive and unethical behavior…….the subconscious forces us to follow, mimic, copy and mirror what ever that is. If the repetitive messaging is negative, dark and sinister……we’re in big trouble. Today that’s exactly what’s going on.

The following explanation represents one primary belief that is manufactured from repetitive content, purposely put out by our media and government… order to modify the behavior of the public in very negative ways. In the end, if someone is under mind control, they actively engage in behaviors and belief systems that are not backed, justified or validated by real world evidence……..but they engage in those beliefs and behaviors anyway because they’ve had their subconscious hacked by weaponized repetitive content inserted into their psyches by corrupted print and screen media. All media is designed to access the subconscious and install new behaviors via upgrades of weaponized repetitive content. The Medical System Makes People Healthy – this belief has no evidence to validate it in real time and therefore anyone holding this belief is a victim of subconscious mind control.

In 1999, The New England Journal of Medicine released a study stating that the US medical system was the third leading cause of premature death in the United States. Medical doctor (Dr, Carolyn Dean) and Gary Null PhD reviewed the data released in the NEJM study, only to find out that the data was cherry picked. In fact the conventional medical system in the US was the #1 cause of premature death, killing near 1 million US citizens every single year prematurely. The #2 and #3 cause of premature death was heart disease and cancer respectively. The conventional medical system, with its firm stance that nutrition doesn’t play a role in disease (which is just another mind controlled belief, with no real world evidence to back it) can be fingered as a major culprit in heart disease and cancer as well. You can see the strength of the mind control in play here because only 3 million US citizens die every year on average anyway……and the conventional medical system has been killing 1 million American prematurely every year for decades. Yet no outcry from the public. Why? Because any outcry from the public is manufactured via repetitive content from screen and print media.

In regards to REAL WORLD evidence a) the most healthy people take no medication and don’t visit any medical doctor b) the most sick people take the most medication and visit their doctor frequently and c) when someone is super healthy on the beach no one runs up to them and says “wow, you must be taking so many meds and have so many medical doctors on your team”. In the real world, we know healthy people don’t take any medication and that they avoid medical doctors…..because the human body doesn’t get “better” when it’s subjected to cutting, poisoning or burning. We also know by taking a whole bottle of medication, you’ll die in most cases. We’re also taught to believe that although the whole bottle of pills can kill us, 1-2 pills per day (of the same poison) will keep us operating at the top of our game. Again, no logic, no rational thought, it doesn’t make sense, it’s contradictory…..and there’s no evidence in real time to back, validate or justify this inverted belief. So why do people believe it? The answer is simple…….it’s mind control, all based on repetitive content (lie based content) aimed at the uninformed victim’s subconscious. Doctors don’t get higher salaries for curing people or making them healthy either. Doctors get higher salaries when their patients stay sick. Again, every facet of real world evidence flies in the face of this mind controlled belief system. This speaks directly to the strength of media and government mind control.

In the end it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about beliefs like “your vote counts” or “sending the troops off to die in banker’s wars is how we support them” or “injecting poison will make me healthier” or “school exists to make children smarter” or “working a job you don’t like for 35 years is the best I can do” or “TV and movies exist to entertain us” or “the government is always trying to make my life better” or “injecting vaccine poison into myself or my children will help us become more resistant to disease”……..none of these beliefs make or rational or logical sense. Not one. There’s no evidence in real time to justify, validate or back any of these belief systems. Anyone who holds these beliefs is under deep forms of repetitive content mind control, pushed out through media on behalf of a very ancient, corrupt and dark ruling group……who operates the media brain washing machine from behind the green curtain at OZ. If you’re looking to learn more about mind control and how it’s weaponized against you daily by media and government, the below documentaries can help.

Mind control documentaries and related material attached.

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