Think You Know What Causes Weight Gain and Disease? Think Again!

Who you connect to and socialize with matters in regards to self sabotage, health, income, happiness and all matters in general. Here we see a massive study proving that when one person is obese, their friends are also very likely to become and stay obese. Then it gets odd. It also applies to friends of friends…even if the separate friends don’t know each other. This means something other than the person’s obesity itself, was affecting the health of many other people in the friend circle…..even if all those people never met each other.

Our overweight friends were proven to make us overweight….regardless if they lived 500 miles away (and we didn’t see them much) or if they lived right next door. Many quantum scientists theorize that our bodies constantly exchange quantum bundles of energy with each other, to fill each other in on what’s safe and acceptable within the environment. Obese people may be sending out quantum bundles of energy that communicate obesity/disease as a frequency or vibration.

What this also means is that healthy people can infect other people around them (especially their friends) with health, as much as sick people can infect others with disease. Information that government, medicine, science and mainstream media actively block you from receiving. I’ll be discussing lots of information like this in my BRAND NEW overcoming self sabotage master work shop in September. If you want to come in person or acquire a recording of the two day talk, private message me.

Read more about new Research findings: friends can make you fat – US Obesity Networks

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