The Truth Teller and A Group of College Students……

I did a great live talk to some college students today and really connected with a couple of them, really helped a few see the big picture. You know when you’re holding the room well and today everyone was listening and interested in the material.

I had promised the student who invited me to stay on the topic of exercise but once someone asked about coffee………we got into the side topics pretty quickly and of course that’s what grabbed everyone’s interest. I wanted to say more and they wanted to hear more……….but our entire society is sort of hard wired against talking too much truth. I had to watch what I was saying, because I am sort of under an odd cultural obligation to keep the children marching toward their roles in the system. Sure in 45 minutes I can’t explain to people exactly what’s going on but in the end, the truth is the enemy of all our cultural systems…….medicine, science, banking, education, government, media and religion..

As a truth teller, I know facts that would make most people’s heads spin yet again, those truths are the literal enemy of a system that keeps selling lies to the public. I was no exception in my youth (inside the system), fed bullshit and lie-ahria as a young man, so I could take my place inside the control grid. Everyone kept giving me the thumbs up and encouraged me to keep on marching toward the cliff’s edge. An odd society indeed. It’s almost like the biggest sin is actually telling the children what exactly is going on. I did what I could and connected with many in the class but when I left and was walking to my truck, through a blistering cold Canadian wind, I said to myself……………..”when will COMPLETE truth be welcome in our society?” I push ahead anyway knowing a couple people were helped. This is Jason Christoff reporting live from the human farm.

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