The Top 5 Ways The System Makes You Poor……And How To Fight Back

The Top 5 Ways The System Makes You Poor……And How To Fight Back

You’re paid in dollar bills……so in reality you’re paid in bills. Bills are things you owe money for. Bills represent money leaving you. Calling what you earn “bills” is the most basic form of hypno-programming our handlers throw at the uninformed human psyche. Have you noticed that people can’t wait to make more money so they can buy more stuff. If the average person gets an extra “$100 bill”, they spend the $100 bill like it was a bill… they owed it to Apple, Mercedes, Lulu Lemon, Zara etc etc.

Most people will be poor, that’s one trap. That’s how the system is designed. If you happen to be one of the lucky 10% who gets rich, the advertising and negative role modelling in media is there to trap you again, and make sure your money flows out of your hands, even though you could have used the extra money to exit the system. You need to be smarter with “the bills” you’re given and get over the negative role modelling, designed to make sure you spend every cent you earn on anything but retiring from the slave-ocracy cult. If you want to exit the matrix, don’t waste your money on these items.

1. Weddings – weddings are programmed into the collective psyche of the herd through Disney. That was one of his main jobs, to make sure every young person had the dysfunctional fantasy of locking themselves into smaller and smaller rooms, each with less and less freedom, until they enslave themselves for the benefit of the ruling 1%. This gets everyone dreaming of the big day where they get into massive debt, to take their place as debt slaves, down on the human farm. Conventional marriage can work long term but not if you’re bringing Disney dysfunctional fantasy into the situation. Don’t pay the marriage bill, save your money for exiting the system, regardless if you’re married or not.

2. Diamond Engagement Rings – come on, do I really need to explain this one? Advertising of course is again at the core of this con job, equating love to you paying yet another bill and getting into debt. If you want to get married, find someone who’s more interested in leaving the matrix than shackling themselves to it, so they can please the dysfunctional herd. If you want to have a happy life, you’re going to need to save your bills and buy your way out of the matrix, not buy your way into it. This link can explain the scam of engagement rings.

3. Taxes – this may be a hard thing to explain properly after someone’s graduated from an 18 year prison sentence called school, where children are programmed to start passionate love affairs with government, but taxes don’t work like you’re taught. Taxes are for you, not the people who rule you and print the money. There’s no shortage of money, it’s only paper, it has no cost to manufacture, so the ability to print money in any quantity is infinite. This is why each country doesn’t stop running when it’s in debt, because the deficit, the budget and the taxes are all fictitious. Taxes are there to again bill you and make sure you have less. The people who govern you don’t need your money, they couldn’t care less…….. they just keep plundering, robbing and murdering their way across the globe in your good name, whether you pay your taxes or not. Again, taxes are there so you can never exit the matrix, so you can never rise up and gain power. In order to pay less tax (theft) you need your own business. Here’s some insider tips for starting your own business.

4. University and College – paying for information that you can get over the internet for free, just so you can make more money in a job you don’t like, only to buy things you don’t need (and stay in debt) is insane. Stop deriving your self worth from what other people think of you. Study business from business guru’s on the internet, take the money you were going to spend on University and start digging out of Shawshank Prison. I know a lady who paid $75,000 to send her kid to University, so he could get a $60,000 per year job, with 2 weeks vacation per year, working 55 hours per week. I opened my first business with $6000, made $26,000 for myself in 30 days and had no personal business experience what so ever. The math speaks volumes in my case. Sure, not everyone will succeed in business, by why lock yourself into the matrix first without trying your hand at it? Shawshank will always be there if you want to lock yourself up. One life. One time at bat. Swing for the fences. Joe Rogan can add some motivation here at this added link.

5. Booze, weed, cigarettes, junk food, drugs, steroids, coffee, tattoos, piercings etc – our handlers purposely flood the slave camp with these items so we can decorate our empty lives and sedate to our painful slave based reality. If you’re stepping on a nail, it’s best you feel it so you can step off. Don’t sedate yourself to a painful reality, get up and do something about it. Take action. Don’t get numb to it. Go to battle with it. A smoker in North America spends on average $1.5 million dollars, on cigarettes over their lifetime. All that money invested to destroy themselves, to hide from greatness and avoid a chance at living a better life. Saying that this is a waste, is the understatement of the century. Imagine if you added up all the money some people spent on making themselves LESS with these chemical toxins and self mutilations, that our social engineers purposely place around us so we fall flat on our faces. Do you think you’re tough? Do you think you’re a good fighter? Do you think you’ve got some nuts? Well, then stop spending your money on poisoning yourself, so you can gain full membership into the dysfunctional slave-ocracy cult. Save your money because you’ll need it to buy your way out of the matrix. Plan your escape and get digging. A final bit of inspiration from Alan Watt below……….

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