The Sacrifice of The Children Continues In Plain Sight

First we inject children with vaccines that cause brain damage and cancer. Brain damaging vaccine ingredients explained here. Cancer causing vaccine ingredients explained here.

Then when our kids get sick, we bring them into the conventional medical system, already proven to be the leading cause of premature death in the developed world. We may also subject the children to chemotherapy (after we gave them cancer in the first place) yet chemotherapy is already proven to kill more than half of cancer patients……..before the cancer does., Before the children are even born, we assault them in the womb, on the say so of a system that can’t produce any healthy outcomes for the public at large. This guarantees our children are born broken. We scratch our heads, as we allow a full medical and government assault on our children, and we wonder why the children are so sick. We sit, we allow it, we cheer-lead it, we demand it, we believe it’s safe and healthy…….but does this make any sense? Can poison, radiation and toxicity improve health?

So are we doing all of this because we’re applying logic and care to the protection of our children………or are we being manipulated by an evil so immense, we simply can’t fathom that it even exists? Awaken or perish. There is no third option.

Hell is empty and the devils are here…..” William Shakespeare
When Molech lives, the family dies….” Winkey Pratney (author of – The Devil Takes The Youngest)

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