The Ruling Family Mannual on TV and Movie Mind Control – Chapter #1

When any person watches TV or a movie screen, they need to go into what’s called an alpha brain wave state. This is a state where judgement is placed on hold. This is the epicenter of mind control. Lets say you’re watching The Avengers. For you to literally watch this movie (or any other) you need to turn off the intelligent and judging part of your mind, because if you didn’t…… you couldn’t enjoy the movie. If you’re not in alpha state (the opposite is delta state…) you would instantly understand that the movie is fake and that it’s really Chris Hemsworth on the screen and not Thor etc etc.

For you to take in the movie, you need to literally dumb yourself down, go into alpha state and place your judgement on hold. (which was always there to safeguard your brain from toxic ideas) Some people watch so much TV that alpha state is all they know. This allows the most dangerous information, purposely embedded into the movie or TV show, to get past the regular gate keepers in your mind, who are usually on guard to protect you. Once an idea in a movie gets past your gate keeper without judgement (like the child sacrifice scene in Avengers – Infinity Wars), you can’t get it out and it becomes somewhat normalized as something that is “possible” within the realm of life possibilities inside your subconscious. The brain is more like a photocopier. Eventually everything taken into the mind is replicated and mimicked at sometime, either partially or in its’ entirety. You literally can’t think in alpha state. You couldn’t read a book in alpha state, it’s impossible. This is ground zero of ruling family mind control through Hollywood screen magic.

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