The Reward for Conformity Is The Death of Self

It doesn’t matter if it’s a parent waiting in line to vaccine poison their own child or a parent giving the OK to circumcise their son….it’s all about conforming without moral review. There’s also a part of our mind that’s highly “conformist” as well. A part of the mind that sits inside the skull, just behind the ear. It’s hyper activated when our bodies are in fear and when toxins pollute our metabolism. This is why our human farmers use TV and movie screens to pump fabricated fear into our brains. They call themselves the Illuminati because they work with light……the light from our screens, which carry fear into the darkest reaches of our psyche. This is why the same social engineers pollute our air, water, food and medicine. Poison activates the most inept and illogical parts of our mind. These architects of doom, who organize our society, know what it takes to make us slave like and non resistant conformists. Fear and toxins. Fear and toxins. When conforming replaces morality, the society is set for a massive collapse, until a time when morality once again replaces herd behavior, the art of following the crowd and blind faith.

Reject the poisons that slave master pumps into the slave camp, turn off the slave based media and become a true warrior of humanity once again.

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