The Psychological Profile of the Domesticated Super Slave

1. They watch the TV and listen to the radio so they know what lies to tell their friends down at the coffee shop, so they’re accepted with open arms into the herd. Acceptance is their sole motivation, never truth. If repeating lies helps them gain approval with the wolf pack, that’s what they do. 

2. They say they believe in the science but never double check anything the TV or radio tells them as truth. There’s a difference between being an obedient super slave and confirming the science. Like wearing a mask to enter a restaurant but taking it off when you sit? Does that sound scientific to you? What about RT-PCR machine that tests for COVID, where you can literally dial the machine up or down….. to control who fails or passes, depending on how many cycles you set the machine to? Does that sound scientific to you? What about the government allowing fast food, junk food, liquor stores and tobacco to flow freely when those items kill 21 million people prematurely on this planet every year? And the government claims to be leading a charge for everyone’s health and safety? Science? Really? Please…….

3. They are having passionate love affairs with multiple lies, all at the same time and this weakens them physically, spiritually and mentally of course……which makes them feel like they can’t muster the strength to push back against a tyrannical system that’s always trying to poison them and their family back into the stone age. They’re often hard on the toxic coffee, the poisonous booze, the junk food, the medical poison and many other forms of rabid self abuse. They drink the lies, they eat the lies, they inject the lies, they hump the lies, the invite the lies over for dinner and they do all that because it makes them a non threat, a human mess, a loyal foot solider in the lie based cult and helps them blend in more with the dysfunctional society that surrounds them. 

4. They virtue signal other super slaves down on the slave farm by talking about masks, 6 foot distancing,  the closing of businesses, the increases in positive case numbers and other useless fucking jib jab that has no scientific basis what so ever. There is no valid science anywhere on this planet to justify anything the government is asking the public to do but again this all goes back to point #1 and point #2…….that these folks feel safer repeating the lies and claiming a scientific foundation when they’re really just scared of their own corrupt government. If there was a killer threat floating in the air, would these people even leave their homes……..because I wouldn’t. If someone is out and about doing the mask thing and doing the distance thing, they’re not afraid of a invisible killer floating in the air……or they wouldn’t be going out. No one in their right mind would. They’re afraid of their own corrupt government but they use a good cover story (the invisible threat) to disguise their fear. In this sense, these folks avoid adulthood like the plague because real adults don’t take a knee to corruption, regardless of any other factor. 

Learn more in the video below, maybe one of the best I’ve seen all year.


  1. Monica Legat

    Really enjoying reading your stuff.

    • Jason Christoff

      Thank you for the support Monica, reach out any time!

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