The Power of Emotional Manipulation

Payless shoe prank shows the power of emotional manipulation over the slave class. The draw of “higher end items” for the slave class has to do with safety and security based needs set into our genome. The slave associates “high end luxury items” with THE RICH and THE FAMOUS. What the subconscious brain notices about THE RICH and THE FAMOUS is that they’re more protected, more safe, more connected and more secure than THE POOR and THE NOT FAMOUS.

This sets up a feed back loop in the mind where the slave wants to disguise themselves as being rich and famous, in order to acquire the safety and security that this group exhibits in our corrupt and self serving society. This is why people want a Mercedes instead of a Ford and why they want a Rolex instead of a Timex…….because those over priced luxury items are symbols of security, which tells an aggressive and corrupt state government to back off. The more scared the human is and the more weak they perceive themselves…….the deeper the attraction to this cycle of illogical behavior. These people are trying to buy back something that’s never for sale in the first place……which is confidence, self worth and self esteem. These people aren’t buying shoes. They’re scared and they’re trying to buy back what what was stolen from them by a highly corrupted and tyrannical government…..which is safety, peace and security. It’s sad, no matter how you look at it.

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