The “Pick Your Poison” Society

Have you noticed something odd about today’s society? There’s a massive invisible pressure or force, to poison yourself on a daily basis. It doesn’t really seem to matter what poison you pick but you need to pick one or more poisonous attacks on yourself……or you don’t really fit in.

An invisible program does exist where most humans are programmed (through various documented mind control techniques) to take absolutely vicious and toxic runs at themselves daily. Coffee is popular but so is alcohol. Junk food competes for the top “pick your poison” gold medal but so does toxic medication. Most people literally can’t go 10 hours without poisoning themselves, so what’s going on? Does it really make sense that an entire bottle of medication can kill someone but one pill per day can make them better? When’s the last time grandma said, “here’s a hot cup of my organic soup. One bowl will make you super healthy but the whole pot will kill you!” Is there something going on that you’re not aware of? Of course there is.

If you really want to get healthy and overcome your self sabotage…..and you really want to know what’s going on, come work with my live in 3 weeks. A group event, live and online, which you can can attend from anywhere in the world. Will you be consumed by “the pick your poison” society or will you cultivate your own unique talents and make something of your life? Average or great? Mediocre or successful? Taking orders from other people or giving orders to yourself? Afraid to stand above the crowd or brave enough to let your true power shine through? Make a move…….


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