The Newest Charity Craze – Slack-tavism

This is called slack-tavism. It’s like activism but it’s for self serving morons, who couldn’t give a flying f%$# about anyone else other than themselves and the high fives they receive from the other morons, for poisoning everyone back into the stone age. People who eat shit like this don’t care about themselves AT ALL, so they can’t care about anyone else. Don’t let them fool you. You can’t give what you don’t have and these people are pretending to care, when they know NOTHING about CARING. Feeding people poison is the opposite of caring. Eating shit and thinking you’re helping anyone is about stupidity, self loathing and self hatred….and that’s why you don’t see anyone healthy at these events, because it’s a love in for people who can’t stand themselves. People who actually care don’t feed poison to themselves, let alone to other people. It’s more than retarded, it’s literally criminal. What’s even more retarded is that we’re supposed to look at this display of utter lunacy and cheer-lead the entire event. We’re supposed to cheer lead the eating of poison to fight disease and also self murder the logical part of our brains, all at the same time. People like this deserve nothing more than a swift kick in the nuts. Until this sort of bullshit is wiped from the face of the earth, our society will continue to drown in this sort of collective suicide, which our human farmers cheer-lead to no end. When aliens find what’s left of this planet in 500 years, it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what went wrong. We’re letting morons take center stage in our society, because we’re all afraid to tell the morons that they’re morons. When did a society prosper when the dumbest of the tribe started steering the ship? When?

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