The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook

1. The Casino Effect – the sounds of messages and comments coming in is meant to stimulate the excitement centers of the brain, similar to the noises in a casino, which in turn helps the person bond to the sounds and crave them. The sounds of “attention” can help decorate someone’s empty life and set up facebook addiction. When people react to our posts with likes and comments, it triggers a satisfaction substance called dopamine, proven to initiate addictive behavior. This agenda revolves around breaking down traditional family and community bonds by making people bond with computers and electronics, as opposed to family and other humans. One of the founders of facebook explains the same in this comment.

2. Face Recognition – this is why it’s called Facebook by the ruling families who organized this technology, to track everyone’s face, so face recognition software can track you across the world if you happen to run or cause too much trouble when the Orwellian Boot kicks you in the face in the upcoming years. As a side note, this technology is completely bogus at this point in time, because a recent conviction using face recognition software failed to recognize that the REAL CRIMINAL had a large mole on his face, when the person arrested and sent to jail (and eventually let out) didn’t have a mole at all. Just another scam to throw you in the slammer when you cause some trouble for our social engineers down on the control gird.  They want to be able to track you everywhere, in case you leave the control grid. Facial recognition technology is one part of the human farming operations, to keep all human cattle inside the fence.

3. Emotional Venting – the emotional venting of the slave class is a simple technology, which is used in many other areas as well, not just facebook. It’s about making the slave class believe they have a say and some form of control, by allowing them to vent off emotion or rebellion potential, as to divert that angry energy away from the abusive slave master. Slaves, in their 9-5 slavery, don’t experience a full range of emotions or control in their lives so the “emotion” icons were added to help with the emotional venting, a way to trick the slave’s mind into pretending it has control. To more fully understand this venting concept, you may want to watch this video I made on how sports is used in the same way, to vent off rebellion potential from the slave class, to help protect the tyrannical slave master.

4. Using Likes To Drive Addiction – the algorithms inside the Facebook program are set to more widely distribute what you write to your friend list, the less you use it. This means the first post you make in the morning, gets the most wide distribution, and successive posts that follow, get progressively less and less distribution. Facebook is designed like a casino machine, to give out a massive payout of likes, with your first post in a day, to make sure you’re drawn to the addiction daily. It is also interesting to note that more likes, comments and traffic toward your page happens when you are on it. This means when you sit in front of the computer moving the mouse, you get more emotional rewards, as opposed to posting and walking away. This sort of brain activation reward control system makes people addicted to short term reward only, making them unable to apply themselves to any project that provides a reward in the long term future, like starting a business for example. This short term stimuli system manufacturers a person who needs reward on a minute to minute basis, placing real success completely out of their reach because real success is based on accomplishing long term goals. This cements a slave farther in their slavery, especially conditioning the mind to be adverse to starting an independent business venture. The man at this link explains the death of long term goals (which is great for the ruling 1% and terrible for the slave class) via electronic addiction.  The part of the brain that gets activated by facebook stimulation actually grows in size, needing more and more stimulation from facebook or other stimulants. What this means is that facebook technology, which is proven to activate addiction centers in the brain, can trigger other addiction and short term pleasure seeking. In short, facebook can trigger the hedonism gone wild spiritual take over that’s now so common within the population at large.

5. Control Venting – by allowing slaves to pretend they have a say in all topics it also stops them from preparing for what’s really coming. Many people vote on line to save the rain forest or stop the pollution or they write an article about the government being corrupt but how many actually have a firearm, a wood stove, a supply of food, lots of ammo, solar power, a fresh water supply, warm clothing, hunting supplies, fishing supplies etc etc. When a person thinks they’re helping the world by doing little, if anything at all, they’re now deemed a “slackavist”, (engaging in slacktavism) and our society is drowning in this type of dis-empowered narcissist. The powers that organize Facebook would rather give the population pretend control through Facebook posts, to help them vent, as opposed to the slaves using that same energy to actually prepare for what’s coming. Our social engineers will use the economy, power/heat/lighting, food, false flags, ever increasing violence and the ensuing chaos against the population soon enough so it’s best to make at least minor preparations, if not major ones. Stop just writing about stuff and talking about it……do something and take real action.

6. Dissident Tracking – facebook algorithms track who’s posting pictures of their cats and their glass of wine on a Friday night (the compliant drone bot, boot licker, order taker, repeater, slave type, government loving, flag waiving, war monger, cheer leader, sedated, distracted, sports watcher, follower type) and facebook also tracks who actually knows what’s going on. Both types of people are targets, using different methods. The uninformed slave will be poisoned off the planet of course with vaccines, toxic meds, ever increasing poisonous junk food, cell phone radiation, fluoride, chemtrails, taxed into oblivion, charities drives that steal their money etc and the dissidents will be hunted down eventually………unless every slave comes together as one force and demands slave master reel in his satanic behavior. Regardless, no one will be spared so spreading the word and awakening more people is the only strategy I believe that is worth while on facebook. Find people of knowledge on facebook, learn, educate, ascend, evolve, rediscover morality, promote ethical behavior and move the world in the direction it needs to move in for the next generation………..which isn’t posting pictures of yourself shitfaced every Friday night or a picture of your newest stuff. Lets adult up and get on with it. Facebook also tracks the most powerful truth based information and then tags limitation algorithms to it, so the least amount of people can share and spread that information. Facebook inversely also uses highly contagious algorithms so that useless information and compliant behavior spreads far and wide, to provide the reflexively obedient order taker with the emotional feed back they need to feel secure and content in their empty life of slavery down on the human farm.

7. Behavior Analysis – the behavior of the collective Facebook community is analyzed daily regarding if the public is still under hypnosis or not. How are people reacting to each particular fabricated news event our handlers manufacture and spread using the lame stream media? What story works best to inject fear into the public, what colors work best, what pictures work best, are the sheep still asleep, do the tyrants have to start placing even more toxins in the vaccines to destroy nervous system function in the slave class, is more fluoride needed, maybe more mercury fillings etc etc. This is called Cybernetics…..the study of how the bullshit travels, how fast and it what direction. The ruling 1% use facebook to assess the most effective way to move the lies into the collective psyche of the public. Government propaganda is advertising for the ruling families and like any good business, you need to track the results of your advertising to see what works best for driving the profit skyward.

8. The Like Language Effect – if you’ll notice, many young people today can’t communicate effectively using language, because every second word is “like“. Word magic, the ability to communicate effectively and change another person’s mind, is interrupted by the word “like” being used in a sentence. The use of the word “like” as a joining word in sentences is slave talk, for the slaves, because it means no effective communication of ideas can occur. The use of the “like” button and conversations about “likes” drives that word deeper into the slave subconscious, making it more apt to be used in slave talk, if that is even possible. I hear young people talk today and every second word is “like” and of course this form of communication destroys their ability to lead others or bring groups together etc etc, like a good speaker (magician) has done throughout the ages. Using the word “like” is all part and parcel of what teacher John Taylor Gatto calls the new dumbness. The new dumbness is a new manufactured state of dumbness, that doesn’t occur naturally in children or adults when raised absent of media and government influence.

9. The Emoji Agenda – recently facebook has added emotion icons to the reaction buttons for posts. This of course is based on research that proves people who can’t communicate can’t lead themselves or others because they can’t find the proper wording to get their points across. The research also shows that people who can’t express themselves with language are always easier to control and even more prone to violence. By using an emoticon reaction to a post, instead of explaining exactly how you’re feeling with words, you self murder the part of yourself charged with expressing your emotions and thoughts with any precision. Emoticons are designed to dumb down the slave class even more, throwing them down the evolutionary ladder, to the status of drooling troll, making them unable to communicate or describe exactly how they’re feeling……and more importantly eliminate any sort of deep thought processes by which a slave can rally themselves or other slaves against the tyrannical control of slave master. By controlling the emoji buttons on the screen, you control the emotional spectrum of the participant. Use your mind and bring it out of the abyss by expressing your emotions with words and not the psy-op emoticons our human farmers set us up to use. This is very similar to what is called “The Sponge Bob Square Pants Effect”, a similar agenda to destroy communication skills in children.

10. The Delayed Comment “Dinging” Operation – this is new and what facebook is doing is storing comments to your posts and waiting until you stop scrolling or until you open another window on the computer. At that point facebook lets the stored comments come through, activating the Pavlovian bell (the “dinging”) to come back to the facebook page, therefore driving the addiction cycle deeper into the nervous system. So again, the comments to posts (which come with the loud dinging) are being saved up and then purposely let out when you walk away, stop scrolling or when you open another page on your computer. All designed to get you moving back and participating in all the agendas described above.

11. The Elimination of Views That Disrupt and Challenge the Control Grid – the tyrannical control grid we all live under is fortified by several key lies, which are constant across the globe. One of the supporting arms of tyranny is vaccination. Vaccination is part of the brain damage agenda, the agenda to destroy the ability of the slave class to think, even on the most basic level. Now facebook is making sure that truthful research regarding vaccinations and the exposure of this brain damage agenda can’t be shared between citizens.

12. Using the Emoji’s To Censor Posts – It would appear that you should never give any post that’s truly valuable a “shock” (a wow) or “sad” face icon reaction because facebook starts to block those posts. The more sad and surprise faces you offer to a post, the more facebook stops that information from going deeper into your friends list. This is a very common tactic inside ruling family circles, using your very own energy against you. You use your energy to sort the posts on behalf of the ruling families and they’ll use their programmed algorithms to block the posts that are the most shocking and most truthful. People today, when faced with the truth, most often hit the shock face or the sad face. Facebook uses this process as a home grown and no cost option for censoring the truth. Facebook simply allows the posts with the most laughs and happy faces to dive deeper into the collective conscious of the mind controlled society. By doing this you can govern the population through pleasure and dopamine release, which is the primary ruling family principle for tyrannically controlling the public through an emotional and psychic dictatorship. Give them coffee, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, fluoride, pain killers, tranquilizing anti depressants, opioids, narcotics, junk food……and of course only give them the happiest facebook posts (plus unlimited internet porn and other titillating media), to keep them smiling ear to ear and fully lobotomized, inside the slave camp. This way the slave camp is well decorated with positive emotions plus the illusion of freedom is well fortified inside the mind. Pavlovian psychology applied to herd behavior and herd control. Learn what else facebook does to control your mind. If there’s a post that’s truthful and valuable, hit the “like” button ONLY.

Click here to view a story where an ex facebook executive gets a little too cocky, regarding what he says to the camera and the reporter………..about facebook being a mind control application.

Use Facebook but know what’s happening. Use this knowledge to help study the people, who are studying you. Know thy enemy.

Watch these two videos below…….


• Illuminati Exposed •

Posted by Illuminati Exposed on Friday, August 10, 2018

In this added video below, we see Facebook plotting to make sure the public only see what they’re meant to see, so that the purppsely edited information controls their behavior, thoughts and beliefs.

At this added link.……we have a Facebook employee whistle blower coming forward to admit that her orders from Facebook management included making sure the public never got all the truthful information, so particular agendas could be fortified and also passed of as freedom of thought and freedom of choice.  Facebook is controlling the opinions of the public by processing the information they see and hear.


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  1. Juan Martinelli

    Excelent article. Not surprising facebook works for the NWO, being that Zuckerberg is Rockefeller’s grandson, one of the most important and evil NWO’s advocates and promoters..

  2. Mind Control

    Excellent article indeed! I hear you especially with paragraph 8. the like language effect. That’s bad enough but I think what’s worse right know is the parasite statement ‘ya know’ and it’s variants. It’s all ya know and I was like yi know, I think ya know, so, yiknow. It’s driving me insane! It’s worse on Radio 4 and no doubt the television is full of these ‘yaknowers’ What is happening to people?

  3. Todd Boyle

    The article is not entirely complete. social media is better than previous technologies for many-to-many communication. if it starts to actually suck for the millions of people like us who use it for real discussion and thought, we will go somewhere else. so, keep it in perspective– FB can do what it can do. And we can do what we do. LOL and we are still winning, by miles. There’s no contest.

    The article omits relevant history of many-to-many communications. The history of Friendster, MySpace and FaceBook would be useful. But they did not emerge out of nothing. Previous M2M media included ham radio, CB radio, dialup computer bulletin boards, Internet NNTP News Groups, email lists, and the blogosphere.

    What’s really going on here, Jason? Each of these platforms solved some problems of what came before… The problems of spam, of information overload, of visual presentation, of automation of our subscriptions in others’ blogs, etc. The problem today is corporate control over The Algorithm. We want disclosure of the mechanism that selects our news feed, and we want choice over how the Algorithm works.

    • Jason Christoff

      So Todd, maybe you can start an article site and fill in the blanks for everyone…………

  4. Ron

    Facebook reminds me of Lemmings. One jumps over the cliff and all the others follow. Too much gum flopping by uneducated and I experienced folks. YMMY

  5. woodchuck

    You began your sentence with “so”. That is every bit as bad as the improper use of “like”.

    • Jason Christoff

      I think you meant to say, “I will attack your grammar, to help me maintain an illusion of control, while being too afraid to display my own writings or thoughts to the public for critique”. People like this never come out of their shell because they as well were criticized by parents and the system, as never good enough. It’s easier to judge from the stands than it is to try on the stage, in front of the public, open for attack. Most humans are afraid to try and run with the dis-empowered herd. I don’t, so judge away. It doesn’t deter me.

      • Sydney Vand

        I applaud your performance, Jason! Thank you for putting the information you’ve gathered out for public view. You did a splendid job at explaining the various points of this matter. If anybody has something useful to add, why not just add it in a comment? Perhaps Jason will quote it as an add-in by editing the post. Thus, making the additional points easily viewable for everyone. So far, I haven’t seen anybody with a clear breakdown of their ideas of additional information, step up to the plate. Be courageous! Also, be certain.

  6. Peter Sevelj

    Very informative post Jason. Facebook is exactly as stated and just a monitoring device to manipulate, control, keep check on us the mass civilians. One very destructive controlling tool of the elites and subservient governments. Our freedoms of speech, freedoms of choices , freedoms of privacy are all under surveillance by the powers to be. Throw in the paid Trolls etc and you have got a very powerful tool to manipulate the masses and keep the dream alive with divide and conquer ….

    • larry baxter

      Is this the kind of attitude you aim to promote others to engage in Jason?

      oooh ‘mind control’, the big boogyman?

      Like really? everyone ready for their daily dose of paranoia?

      Lets join the sheep parade? Lets pretend we are helpless robots, incapable of being anything but sheep? Lets choose to be in denial, of our gift of Volitional Consciousness, and that this creative freedom comes as a two-sided currency of our lives, or that we alone freely choose the degree, flavor of, how we either enjoy it,
      or not?

      “Responsibility”, ownership, for the results of our choice
      of ‘make belief’, is the flipside of our FREEDOM.

      • Jason Christoff

        Larry – went to your facebook page and nothing but shared posts because you’re really too scared to do anything but share and criticize other people ideas.

        • Karl jacobs

          Facebook is all about following we’re you at at any giving time. To make you feel like you’re in control. In people like and share your post.

  7. Tara Mothersbaugh

    This article is so great and a fun read!!! And sad but true unfortunately.

  8. Dan Willis

    Yes, originally funded by the CIA Facebook and Google. As a witness myself that testified in Washington back in 2001 at the National Press Club regarding illegal rogue secret govt operations, I’ve had to research the control of our perceptions and have shared my notes here for a chronology of how this came to be. Thanks Jason for your article show the behind the scenes mechanisms that are in place.

  9. anu singh

    Awesome man… Please keep posting these kind of things and stuff. We all need to know about our government malicious plans they have for us to keep us under control. We as a humans need to be free and in order to do so , we need to have access to the genuine resources and information.

  10. Mishka Nietzsky

    I agree with the sentiment of the article, and I agree wholeheartedly with the large majority of your writing in this piece, though I do take small issue with a few points.

    I’ll start with the one that screamed out for me, the “like” effect. Seeing as how well-researched and articulated your other points were, I strongly felt this was included just to make sure the list hit 10. Claiming no effective communication can occur because of the presence of speech disfluency is, in my opinion, folly, and doesn’t take into consideration the psychology (long story short, speech disfluencies (Like, ummm, uhhh, huh, Well…., etc.) are often indicators of a speakers’ emotional state (and by extension levels of alertness). The human is not driven solely by rationality, and communications between humans have contained emotive utterances that do not add structurally/formally to rhetoric since language existed. This is more of a divide between class, not of intelligence (Pretty sure a man such as yourself could still win a debate against most on strictly content, even if every 4th word in your argument was “like”. In fact, it may even make you MORE relatable to the peasant class. You speak about leadership, but I believe our political climate shows more than ever that emotiveness and charisma are the determining factors of “leadership”, not necessarily intelligence and ability to debate. Kim Kardashian, for all its worth, could realistically mobilize 10s, if not 100s of thousands of 12-40 year old females with a single instagram post…… Donald Trump in one twitter post can completely strawman or red herring ANY debate….. and kill the debate, while simultaneously sending hordes of people into passionate, ideologically driven frenzies. The “like” effect HIGHLY overestimates the average intelligence throughout history, the motivators of the “average” intelligence, and relies on the flawed premise of modernism that Humans are rational actors, and will respond higher to rationality than to an emotional appeal.

    I feel 1 and 10 & 3 and 5 are so closely related that there was no need to separate the sentiments….. it really seems like 1 is a solid, forceful hitting point, whereas 10 is quite weak independently, adds very little “new” information, and ultimately does not function as a premise independently of 1. This is not a criticism of content, rather of format….. this could have been an eight-point list, the sentiments in the aforementioned could have been merged, and the potency of the piece would have been made that much stronger without (subject to debate) redundancies.

    Another minor point….. I feel like the reliance on the word “slave” in this article serves only to weaken the article as a whole…. this isn’t a criticism of the “logic” you used, I merely feel 1) You won’t have a chance to maximize your target audience, for the contingent who has a closer relation to the history of chattel slavery will immediately scoff, and those “slave” classes of which you mention have been so brainwashed that they wouldn’t be able to get past the word themselves (It almost may be a similar but different “like” effect, and may actually serve as a LARGER distraction to your content than using the word like). I’m speaking to you, who seems to hold a similar disposition as myself, so I feel comfortable using the term “peasant class”. If I was writing to a more generalized (and hopefully larger) audience, the phrase “peasant class” would only serve as a distraction to the true content of my message, and mental/emotional energy will be divested from your actual arguments, and invested in the feelings associated (almost Pavolvian in nature) with these words. While I’m not 100% sure exactly who your target audience is, I’m elaborating on this point because I believe you have a VERY POTENT skeletal framework in this list, although feel it may not have as well-balanced an application of the Aristotelian trifecta (pathos, logos, ethos) of rhetoric, and may be trying to use a “College debate” styled philosophy to convince a non- college debate styled audience.

    Needless to say, I acknowledge the latter two comments don’t come from authority, but I would like to hear a defense of why “the like effect” should be included in the aforementioned list, for I am of the opinion that Grotto’s work is great but it is evident it is written from the perspective of a school teacher, and not of a linguist or one who studies the anthropology/psychology of language. His critiques of the arrangement of modern schooling are brilliant, so I am not trying to belittle the gentlemen by making this claim.

    Overall, great read, and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts/opinions on the subject matter.

    • Jason Christoff

      I appreciate the comment but I think you need to channel your energy into writing your own material or blogs. What’s the sense picking out the faults of article, in such length, if you can just blog and express it better yourself. Most people who criticize do so because it’s safer for them, because they’re afraid to fail. This is psychology 101. Just trying to help you get out of your shell and go forward with your energy.

      • Dee

        I have a family member who responds to me somewhat similarly as Mishka responded to you. This family member wants to be seen as erudite and brilliant, whereas I experience him as insecure.

      • Mishka Nietzsky

        Hey Jason,

        Appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my comment in response. I do dabble in writings of my own, and by no means was I trying to “pick apart your flaws,” so to speak…. I found you to be a potent author with a powerful message… I didn’t want to patronize you by any means, I just read your article and found it worthy of feedback (whereas if I saw no merit in your article, I wouldn’t have even taken the time to type a reply). I apologize if my comment was unwanted, or if instead of an attempt at an honest constructive critique, the perception was I was assaulting your work based on insecurity; just know I was not coming from a position where I disagree with you, where I view your writing as bad, or where I was trying to tear you apart. I just wanted to provide honest feedback my friend (With my personal writings I usually send them in my circles to “run the gauntlet” as we jokingly refer to our peer-review)… Just know, after I wrote this, I did take the time to show some friends the article as well (I told them I found something worth reading I thought they should quite check out)….

        In summation: I wish you nothing but the best, and look forward to more of your writings.


        • Gar Bear

          I like your comments of constructive criticism. Some of the best improvements in a writers career can come from honest CC. Your comments have reached the target audience, the very ones reading Jasons article are the ones who I would have targeted with your responses. I was thinking on the same lines you were while I was reading Jason’s article. The real problem here is that Jason responded to CC twice with a ‘go write your own book’ type statement. Good advice in other situations , but not when responding to a fan with a positive comment. If I were Jason, I’d rewrite the original article with your points in mind. For the record, I’m not gonna be writing a book anytime soon! LOL!

          • Jason Christoff

            I am not here to be admired. Get out of the stands and onto the field. Nothing good happens watching and commenting on the world collapsing. Spread the word and do something about it. I’m not running in an election to rule over you. I am trying to make sure you can rule yourself.

  11. Lorine Shannon

    They can do all the mind control stuff they want. I use FB to get info out to people that work everyday and don’t hear about a lot of the things that our government is guilty of because they are to busy working. It has opened my eyes to a lot. I believe it was a tool in waking most of America and the reason they voted for Trump. It has worked and I thank God it has. I believe if it is being used against the people, it will come back to bite them in the ass. It is the rule of law. It’s called Karma!

  12. Pat McCay

    Thank you for this much needed information. I applaud your bravery and willingness to step out of the box.

  13. Tracey

    Excellent assessment overall! Would love to beat the algorithm that keeps filling my wall with junk. Just want to keep in touch with my family so I created a private page. No ads and only invited family can participate.

  14. Terra Zorian

    There is more to add to this. Including your IP and geolocation tracking by Facebook scripts, that automatically sharing this data with government agencies like NSA or CIA in a case you are against PRISM project and the Agenda 21.

    Few rules with facebook and all social BS.

    1. Use VPN and transparent proxy servers that do not store logging information about your connections and the origin of your IP.
    2. Heavy encryption at least true AES 256bit with strong RSA 2048 or higher keys that will take them years to break and decode.
    3. Never use your picture and personal data on such profile. Use private encrypted e-mail not linked to anything about you.
    4. Take social engineering described here as a normal behavior of your invigilator.
    5. Never cooperate or use external links promoted by such media website that may redirects you and try to recapture and track your DNS information, always ensure DNS is not leaking your IP information as some VPN do.
    6. Be carefool about cookies as these through your web browser may try to backdoor your system and steel screen or RAM information.
    7. Take social media as nothing to use as communication media, but more like invigilation program at a large scale that creates digital profiling of your psyche, behavior, location, position, social links etc, and in the need will come after you if you say anything bad about it – this may happen if you don’t follow 1-6.
    8. Now it’s your time to penetrate the enemy and take it down if you know how to. It’s like a pay back to them!

  15. Denise

    This is great information. It is very useful and an eye openor for me. I will definitely consider this and awake out of the addiction to social media. I also think somehow some way it stimulates the mind to the point i cant sleep at night. Thank you for sharing and i will share this with others.

  16. Eveline

    well I for myself am in a phase in my life where I make a pause of being creative.
    I read the article and the comments, especially the constructive ones.
    MAybe one day I will take this material and put both together, rewrite. And just say this is all inspired and taken from others.
    Well, but I always was able to think by myself Everybody should be. Having been best student and worst later after traumatic experience I also studied sociology and anything around me, all for my own interest.
    THis article was shared from a good friend, whose focus is on such stuff.
    I for myself recognise I am getting a bit addictet or I lower my standards? Just when I open up to many pages and read to much I already know.
    But in other ways I can rise my standard. I can make the better and still use a smile to show what I feel.
    It goes into my heart.
    I have got friends all over the world and feel better as if I was poor out of my trauma just sitting aaround with bad people available or on my own.. or just getting lost in saving the world.
    No, I find its okay to have the chance to rest in what I build up , even in here.
    And look formyself what I am interestet in.
    I know facebook does not show any longer every friends activity… just some.
    I agree with a lot… but not only because I read it first time in here.
    I guess facebook is a tool and one should use it.
    If one takes a hammer into bed or not is everyones choice.
    If you just want to nail to make the wall colourfull or spread a sense… or just visit a museum.

  17. Deborah

    I’ve always wondered about fb.
    Thankyou for your clarification!
    It makes so much sense…

  18. Hazel McColl

    Thought provoking..An interesting read. Will consider it carefully in future. Thanks for posting it.

  19. Mark

    Just another reason to mix booze with my anti-anxiety benzos, and ADHD amphetamines. Knock yourself out Facebook.

    • Jason Christoff

      Slavery is fun of course. Being an adult is hard work. That’s the attraction of the permanent childhood.

      • Wee Pal

        I find it much less hard work being clean and have found a joy in living that I never experienced in my adult life before, because I was always using something. Initially I needed support – I could not stop using on my own – but I am now 3 months clean and the last drug I gave up was Facebook. It was much easier to ditch Facebook being clean. I’d tried before, but kept returning, particularly when drinking alcohol. So I have experienced how one drug is a gateway for others. I think Mark will agree with me that slavery is not fun and I recommend going to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting to make friends with people who will support him on his route to freedom. We do recover, Mark. The national UK Helpline number is 0300 999 1212. If you’re in a different country, look up NA on the web. Much love to you both. x

  20. Wee Pal

    I just read your article on Facebook. I want you to know that they tried to recruit me to brainwash others.

    The process of attempting to brainwash me lasted 3 months until I put an end to it. The full process takes 9 months to graduate from novice to fully brainwashed graduate working for Facebook (for free). I engaged in the process to see how they operated while privately resisting it. I do not recommend this unless your mind is very strong to withstand it. Facebook is the most powerful and dangerous drug on the planet. It’s more devastating than alcohol, heroin or crack. The plan is to have 1/6th of the world’s population (literate and persuasive communicators) controlling the other 5/6ths by getting them to feel and behave in ways that Facebook thinks is good for the planet. This is essentially an insane and fascist project that has people thinking they are “channeling spirit, love and light” when they are being brainwashed.

    It goes beyond the internet. Those not using facebook (or internet) are to be “marginalised” and “disappeared”. Intelligence agencies and police forces are involved in that process. Please get off Facebook and tell your friends to do the same.

    I was also being set up to do something in the summer offline. I do not know what that was, but they were trying to get me to go to a Gnostic centre. Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Judaism and “channelling spirit, love and light” are part of the project.

    Sent in independence, authenticity, honesty and respect for diversity, which is crucial for humanity to thrive. I work and live independently and am allied with no group.

    A wee pal. x

  21. DWS

    There are certainly a few valid points, and cause for concern, but much of this is delusional – in a similar way to the way Infowars takes a little bit of suspicious behaviour, and then stirs in a whole lot of ridiculous assumptions. The problem is, it makes the whole thing appear ridiculous, when in reality there are some worthy points which should be addressed.

    I am rather more suspicious and cynical than most so I can help thinking this is some kind of deliberate negative-psychology thing, so purposefully ridicule any criticism of Facebook by associating itself with crazy conspiracy theorist – And I mean the real crazy ones like little green men at Area 51, and not the actual government coverups, which are likely to be much worse than we can even imagine.

    • larry baxter

      Yes, to looking and checking with who one sees in the mirror 😉

  22. Liberty Liscomb

    This was really well done. I wasn’t going to read it, and passed over it several times in my feed because I think I ‘know’ about this subject. But after breaking in a little ways, I instead got all four of my teen and tween kids around the screen and read and discussed it and the great videos with them. Totally teachable moments. many thanks!

    And cheers to being so high above the would-be detractors and trolls!!!


    Mark Sucking-Borg is not the owner nor the inventor of fb. He is nothing but a puppet of his elie grand daddies. And he aint human either, but a reptilian.

    • AD

      Absolutely you are 1000% correct.

  24. You

    Like, as punctuation came far before Facebook. Many other mistakes on this page about how psychology works. People who respond to criticism of their ideas so poorly are why we are in the mess this world has come to be. You, the writer are a part of the problem, not the answer. Keep prepping, keep avoiding contact, they love that.

    • Jason Christoff

      As with people who judge, you will notice they produce no work of their own………and that’s how psychology really works. He who judges won’t produce articles, documentaries or do live interviews because they are afraid of themselves and their judging spirit.