The Great Stall

What we see today is what I call the great stall. A point in history where humanity is set to come crashing back to earth but unfortunately this is an agenda, a plan….an orchestrated event. I was talking to a teacher last week and basically she’s retreated to a point where she can only hope the students under her care can operate on the most primitive level……showing up on time, not disrupting the class, following basic instructions and mastering skills that hopefully land them a full time manual labor job, where the employer is also expected to lower their standards to this same level of human dysfunction. Is this the teacher’s fault? Of course it isn’t but what’s important is to highlight how this great stall is occurring. The great stall is facilitated as a covert agenda to destroy our ability to think independent of our programming, our instructions and our authority based dictates. We’ve out sourced our thinking and personal responsibility to such a degree, that we can no longer see that our destruction is all around us…….and creeping dangerously closer every day.

We have medical doctors declared as intelligent when they have little to no ability to make anyone healthy. We have cutting edge medical science prescribing poison that worsens the health of any patient insane enough to trust such a system. We have our hospital serving junk food on every floor and the food coming from the hospital kitchens is apocalyptic. We have charities asking for more money, so this dysfunctional system can capture more people in its’ deadly web. We have junk food in the schools. We have grocery stores filled with toxic poison, poison sprayed on regular produce and organic produce covered in toxic plastic. We have immorality mainstreamed through our screens, to the point where the public at large have been shown the wrong thing to do in absolutely every single life situation, with the most unethical and immoral behavior being the options celebrated and reframed as “freedom”, “equal rights”, “self expression”, “independence” and “the good life”. It’s a full inversion of humanity, the act of turning everything on its’ head. The great stall is about cremating the care and higher ethical standards of the collective, replacing our innate wisdom and intelligence with the most primitive urges of personal safety, dominance over others, power and instant gratification……at the expense of ourselves, our families, our friends, our towns, our communities, our planet and our souls. A me, me, me society……..all day, every day.

The great stall is all around us, as humanity is purposely thrown down the evolutionary ladder by our ancient human farmers, clinical psychopaths who have manipulated their way into power. The solution is simple. The solution is based on learning to think independently of our programming, our authority based dictates and to once more learn to swim in the sea of immorality that’s designed to drown and spoil an uninformed public. Speak up now or forever hold your peace. Refuse to comply with the great stall. Help humanity rise once again. Start with yourself. Get healthy and then lead by example for others around you. By getting healthy, you re-ignite your care programming, the act of caring for yourself and setting a higher personal standard of conduct. Get healthy and the healthy mind will automatically know what to do from that point forward. As your care rises again from the ashes, so will our culture. Reject the poisons that are driven into our minds and mouths by science, medicine, government and their mental hit-man…….the inverted, perverse and satanic main stream media. Strive for a higher standard and unslave.

At this added link a fashion show in Milan, where the models carry severed heads of themselves, with them on the catwalk. Everything you see today is orchestrated to make sure you think up is down, black is white and left is right. Resist and save as many souls as you can while you are here.  Watch the video below for more information on THE GREAT STALL and how our media is only providing constant negative role modelling for us to mimic.

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