The Great Medical, Science and Religious Attack on The Female

The Great Medical, Science and Religious Attack on The Female

What do the HPV vaccine, mammograms and the poisonous birth control pill all have in common? They’re all toxic attacks upon the female energy, the most powerful energy source in the entire cosmos. Who’s coordinating this attack? It’s the same historical force that’s always coordinated the attack. The high male priests cloaked in what ever color robe they dress up in, depending on what part of history we’re in.

Our abusers of women and suppressors of the great female energy used to dress in the black and brown robes, masquerading as altruistic religious forces, as they simply used male energy to extinguish the female flame of power from the planet. Today we see the same out of control and bullying male energy, masquerading in the white robe (the white lab coat) and it’s no coincidence that the “CROSS” still adorns medical institutions today, because it’s the same male force coordinating the secret attack upon the great female energy source of the Universe.

Today our females lay battered and dysfunctional in the corner…. physically, psychically, emotionally and spiritually injured from this attack.

We have women poisoning themselves at every turn, and on all levels, not understanding that they’re being programmed to destroy themselves. The medical system is the newest form of male on female violence but this time our handlers have worked very hard so that the female doesn’t have to be dragged up and tied to the stake, to be burnt alive, as she was during the Spanish Inquisitions.

The new mind control is about having the female drag themselves into the male based slaughter houses to be irradiated, poisoned and cut open…..and to honor and defend the very institutions that seek to destroy them. Women are on the forefront of almost every charity drive today, which energizes our modern female abattoir, stoking the new fires that burn the female body and energy alive.

The male energy laughs in the corner, as the females destroy themselves and other females, believing their work is altruistic just because it’s celebrated in the male controlled media. It’s a trap, as it always has been. Most females today spin stories of their great male overlords (their doctors) who were programmed to cut, poison and burn the female once again, into non-existence. All in plain sight. Just smile and speak of the poisoning and mutilation with confidence, as most people can’t see the sinister agenda behind a big smile and the fabricated “certificates” that males love to print for themselves and hang on their walls, to make the poisoning appear official.

Females are obediently destroying themselves on cue because they’ve been hypno-programmed into a deep trance. It’s time the female got up off her knees.

Women need to see this agenda for what it is, if they wish to do anything about it. Everyone needs to think, why does a male have to point this out? Why are females not more enraged that they’re being targeted for male abuse, by known female abusers? Remove the illusion. Process the reality. See the dark agenda and react with an equal and opposing force. Let the male force on the earth know that the female energy sleeps no more. Let the weak males once again feel the full fury of the female force as she sweeps down to save the planet and all of humanity. Let those weak males who have poisoned and slaughtered millions of females know that, “you are female and you will hear me roar”. Stop poisoning yourself and your children and reconnect with care and compassion, the true female energy, the most powerful force in the entire cosmos.

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