The Foot Prints of The Big Attack on The Public…Are Starting to Be Seen

This morning my website is still down and the existence of key articles, literally scrubbed from Google search engines. For example my article regarding the polio hoax, is missing from the entire internet. Beyond troubling, given there are over 1000 articles on my website, this is what I predicted would happen just before a big push against the still sedated and distracted sheep.

The rate at which our humanity’s awakening is happening, it’s going to reach a critical mass in only a couple more years and if you’re a logical person, it’s easy to understand that the Royal families are also equally well aware of this fact. Given their time on this planet is limited, they get forced into the proverbial corner of “destroy what sheep are still under trance, while it’s still possible.” Ruling family control over the world wide population is based on two things and two things only. Fear and toxicity. Fear and toxicity deactivate the prefrontal cortex of the human brain and that’s the part of the brain that can literally judge and sort ideas according to their logical, rational and truthful content. With that part of the brain shut off, a human has ZERO ability to check or review any information for accuracy or logic. That includes any information coming into the brain and leaving it as well. What that means is if the prefrontal cortex is deactivated by toxins and fear…….the person literally loses their ability to think. At that point, a human’s natural defenses and rational thought processes plus their moral behavior potential………are taken completely off line and replaced by a different portion of the brain that’s heavily compliant to authority, child like and quick to irrational decision making. It’s only from this “mind location” that you can rule a large herd of strong adult humans, like they are scared and mindless children. The type of government we have currently can only maintain itself when the public are constantly drowning in fear and toxins.

In the past 4 weeks, the sources taken down from the net, which provide the public rational commentary regarding our society’s on going corruption have only accelerated to levels not seen anytime in human history. In my opinion, this means only one thing. This fall, the attack of attacks is being planned upon the uninformed public, who are still having passionate love affairs with government, science and medicine. It’s a simple plan of “take them down now while you still can”. The attacks from ruling families (who masquerade as our altruistic governments) always come in three’s and this time I predict we’re going to see a simultaneous attack on 3 major battle fields of fear and toxicity…..1) a major false flag attack on US, UK, Canadian, German or French soil 2) a massive stock market crash and 3) vaccines loaded with a level of poison, which will drop the sheep where they stand after injection. The corrupt media will also be set to describe the vaccine induced deaths as caused by disease, in order to drive even more sheep into the medical abattoir. In the end, if this acceleration of silencing the truth continues….I would advise a) selling all current positions in the stock market and parking the cash b) having a moderate stock pile of essentials, simply to avoid coming into contact with the frightened herd, when this triangular crossfire begins and c) prepare to keep your unvaxxed child at home for at least 4 weeks because the media will be targeting them for blame, when the new batch of toxic vaccines start killing other school children across North America and the EU. And if you don’t think there are forces within your own governments, who routinely attack and kill their own citizens, just watch the video below.

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