The Exercise Habits of The Saboteur

The Exercise Habits of The Saboteur

1. They often insist on exercising with a friend who’s never been successful with their health………because they really don’t want to change.

2. They often drink more wine or eat more junk food during the times they exercise……….because they really don’t want to change.

3. They often buy home equipment because home equipment is proven to fail the purchaser 99% of the time……and that again fits the subconscious agenda of the saboteur. They really don’t want to change.

4. They often migrate toward “cardio” options like “walking” or “treadmill” or “jogging”…….because those options are inefficient at providing long lasting weight loss or toning results. Again, the saboteur is magnetically attracted to the failed based ideas of exercise.

5. They often join big discount big box store fitness clubs because those clubs don’t pressure their clients to achieve or to change… the big box fitness clubs serve pizza, bagels and tootsie rolls. The saboteur loves anyone or anything that fortifies and embraces their fear of change.

6. They often use a particular excuse based language that dis-empowers themselves at every turn. Popular phrases are “I’m big boned”, “it runs in my family”, “my disease or weight gain is genetic”, “my metabolism is slower than most”, “one piece of cake won’t hurt ya”, “you got to live right?” (said as they jam another unhealthy item in their mouth), “to each their own”, “everything in moderation”, “I don’t have time to exercise” (but they never miss a doctor’s appointment) etc etc. These are called THE BATTLE CRIES OF THE SABOTEUR. The catch phrases of a person who’s afraid of change.

Staying the same, not changing and not being awesome takes hard work. To stay overweight, unhealthy and mediocre takes extreme dedication. Bad choices, daily coffee, meds, booze, smoking, junk food, media addiction, wasting time, wasting money, destroying your dreams, not using healthy products, keeping yourself down, lying to yourself EVERY DAY…..that takes LOTS OF WORK. It actually takes more work to stay overweight and sick compared to what it takes to stay in shape and healthy. But people insist on keeping their head down and playing small because of mental programs in their subconscious….inserted there by parents, culture, government, religion, media etc. A good self sabotage coach can help any person reprogram their subconscious mind at anytime.

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