The Epic Self Sabotage of NFL Football Player Antonio Brown

When people come from back grounds that lacked success and wealth, that struggle becomes a pattern imprinted into their subconscious mind and that pattern can become their lives. It’s not hard to pick out professional athletes who are massive saboteurs yet self sabotage isn’t restricted to professional sport of course. In the professional arena of saboteurs we see Tiger Woods, Josh Hamilton, Antonio Brown, Aaron Hernandez, Micheal Vick, Vin Baker, Allen Iverson…..and the list goes on and on. Their best life gave them a call one day and THEY YELLED BACK, “WRONG NUMBER” and hung up the phone. Extremely common, given how the human mind really works.

Antonio Brown comes in at a whole new level of master saboteur, which is rarely observed. None the less, I offer personal one on one self sabotage coaching for professional athletes and other high income earners, in order that they understand how their brains work and how their pasts can come forward to destroy them, if they don’t educate themselves on how the self sabotage cycle works. The New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders could also use some self sabotage coaching because Antonio Brown was a powder keg of negative behavior before he arrived. Are there not any psychologists employed within the management of these organizations? Big mistakes all around. Some info about the self sabotage cycle in this video. Our self sabotage based programming is found inside our subconscious mind and that part of the mind is hard to hack if you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t know what you’re looking for.

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