The Doctor Won’t Take Us As Patients Because We’re Unvaccinaed. What Should I Do?

The Doctor Won’t Take Us As Patients Because We’re Unvaccinaed. What Should I Do?

Sometimes I get parents contacting me saying, “I can’t find a doctor because my child is unvaccinated. The doctor refuses to take us on as patients, because we don’t vaccinate. What should I do?” And this my friends is the beauty of the voluntary holocaust, where people literal beg to be poisoned and if they don’t get their fair share of poison, they’re extremely concerned.

To make a citizen feel “naked” or “vulnerable” because they’re without a person to distribute poison to them and their family, is obviously a situation that couldn’t be more beautiful and efficient for the evil force that now blankets the earth. Psychologists have known this about humans since the dawn of time. Most humans aren’t really that intelligent and they rarely make decisions based on logic. Humans are proven to make decisions based on emotion and the main emotion that drives their decision making processes is safety…….and the biggest emotional factor that provides safety for the frail human psyche is FITTING IN with the rest of the tribe. So all evil had to do was to start slow and start making getting poisoned the “in thing” (plus a whole bunch of other insane stuff), and then the humans literally wait in line begging to be let into the vaccine and medical abattoir……just one of many completely insane, satanic and immoral activities that evil has popularized in our society. You see these long lines of people at the state sponsored soft kill euthanasia centers leap frogging each other, begging for their bottle or needle of poison….. “Kill me with poison right now, no me first, I was hear first, I’ve been waiting for my poison all day, you wait your turn, I hope I get the new poison so I can tell all my friends“. Can an animal this stupid survive? Come on, be honest.

I’m really starting to think that there are two separate species of humans. An inept line of extremely low cognitive function (who lack pattern recognition and dot connecting capabilities) and a highly advanced line….who can think rationally, without their emotions getting in the way. Regardless, the system is killing off the inept line and their offspring. That’s a fact. I see it every day and those people can’t get enough poison. The system poisons them, they get sick….and they crawl right back in asking for more poison. If you try to stop them, they want to kill you. They have fund raisers and ask for donations…..only to use that money to buy the most advanced and rarest poisons that the system can provide. I’m not too sure what else people like myself can do about this insanity or even if we should be interfering. If a murderer and a murder victim make an agreement between themselves, who are we to step in and try to talk sense into the situation? I’m not sure anymore. People are really this dumb and it’s sad that they’re having passionate love affairs with the people who poison them and the poison itself….but what to do?

Here we see how aluminum in vaccines causes brain damage.

Here we see how mercury in vaccines causes brain damage.

Here we see how each and every vaccine, causes some form of brain damage, in each and every person injected….no exceptions.

At this added link over 100 medical doctors and scientists explain why vaccines aren’t safe or effective.

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