The Diseases Coffee Causes………

1. Joint Pain – coffee/caffeine are diuretics, so that means coffee removes water from your system. Your joints are water based, so with less water, they seize up and start to hurt. The first joints to hurt are usually knees, hips and lower back. Spinal herniation and disc issues are directly related to low water reserves from chronic coffee/caffeine consumption.

2. Fatigue – coffee accelerates the body’s flight or fight reaction (because caffeine is a poison), forcing the metabolism to spend great amounts of energy trying to isolate and transport the poison out of the body. Such daily activation of our body’s flight or fight system drains the body of life force, calories and immense loads of nutrition…..leaving the person chronically fatigued. Coffee also blocks iron absorption (causing clinical anemia), which again can cause chronic fatigue.

3. Digestive Issues – coffee is acidic, most destructive on an empty stomach and directly related to ulcer formation. As stated already, coffee is a diuretic, which means it drains water from the system. There’s a thin layer of water that protects the intestinal wall from coming into contact with your own “poop”. As coffee removes that water based protection layer, our own poop can eat through our intestinal wall. Much Crohn’s, colitis and intestinal disorders are directly caused by this water destructive effect from coffee. Explosive diarrhea from morning coffee doesn’t mean “you’re regular”………it means you’re poisoning yourself.

4. Fat Gain – because caffeine and coffee activate the body’s flight or fight system and because that system is a fat conserving system (if activated on a regular basis)………daily coffee consumption changes the hormonal system of the body to be a fat storage and muscle destroying power house. Some people who drink coffee aren’t too big yet a chronic coffee drinker who’s thin, often carries higher than average body fat levels for their size.

5. Migraines and Headaches – because coffee irritates our intestinal tract and can make our own poop touch our intestines and literally burn holes in them……this entire process can cause pain activation of the vagus nerve, thus triggering headaches and migraines. The vagus nerve runs from the intestines to the brain to warn us when we’re eating poison instead of real food or when our intestines are in big trouble. Headaches and migraines are our body’s way of saying…”hey, stop doing that.”

6. Depression – coffee and caffeine’s links to depression are concrete. Depression based emotions are generated by the body itself, when the owner of the body is doing anything where a premature death is guaranteed. When the body is sad, it makes the owner of the body sad on purpose, to literally say “stop doing that, we’re going to die early if you continue.” (it’s up to you to figure out what “that” is of course) Coffee and caffeine consumption guarantee a premature and painful death, as compared to not consuming any.

7. Heart attacks, strokes and TIA’s – because caffeine and coffee constrict blood vessels and activate the body’s flight or fight response (thus injecting huge loads of adrenaline into the blood), coffee and caffeine consumption can trigger heart attacks, strokes and TIA’s. Again, coffee poisons the body and the body reacts like it’s under attack. This flight or fight reaction is therefore triggered and inside that reaction …….the blood thickens, the heart rate increases dramatically, the violent part of the brain is activated, the intelligent/caring part of the brain is deactivated and all blood vessels constrict. Hello heart attack, circulation problems and stroke.

8. Osteoporosis – coffee makes the blood stream too acidic and the body’s way of dealing with that is to allow the bones to float and dissolve into the blood stream, to neutralize the acid. Just like taking a TUMS or ROLAIDS for stomach acid. The TUMS and ROLAIDS are calcium carbonate and your bones are made of calcium as well, so your bones float out into your blood stream to make the acidic blood “safer”, when you drink your coffee or consume any other caffeine based product. Caffeine and coffee cause osteoporosis.

9. High Cholesterol – coffee and caffeine cause high cholesterol because cholesterol is produced in your liver, in order to repair internal tissue damage. Think of cholesterol as a healing paste, rushed to areas of the body that are decaying faster than usual or areas that have experienced massive damage. Coffee and caffeine damages every tissue throughout the entire body, thus jacking blood cholesterol levels through the roof. Coffee destroys the body, the body needs to produce extra cholesterol to repair the destruction.

10. Illogical Decisions and Lower IQ – when any threat is sensed by the body, the flight or fight system is activated. This system shuts down our prefrontal cortex (the smartest and most moral version of ourselves) and activates what’s known as our reptilian brain (the R-complex), which is the dumbest and most inept version of ourselves. When this part of the brain is activated we’ll be more violent, more aggressive, overly sexual (well in excess of our natural sex based impulses), illogical, irrational, immoral, unethical and stupid. This part of the brain has no ability to think long term or consider the long term consequences of its’ actions. Caffeine and coffee activate the most child like part of our brain complex. This real dumb part of the brain thinks of today only, never tomorrow. This is the primary reason why chronic coffee drinkers often live in perpetual turmoil and chaos. This part of the brain as well has no ability to take in the full information from the immediate environment yet has a laser like focus. Caffeine and coffee does activate the part of the brain which can focus on things more intensely…..but only ONE THING AT A TIME. Because of this “laser focus” on one thing, car accidents and other accidents (and lapses in judgement) are very common, as the mind can’t see everything…….only one thing, when drinking coffee.

Think coffee is good for your health? Our social engineers are lying as hard as they can about coffee and caffeine, a legal drug that has many benefits for our human farmers. Read the book above to find out more. Caffeine can be found in coffee, teas, chocolate, pop and there are over 1000 prescriptions drugs with added caffeine and 2000 over the counter drugs with added caffeine as well.


  1. Sharon Oliver

    Hi 🙂 What do you think about the theory that mold is the real issue, and about the ‘healthy’ coffee that is now available – smart coffee, bulletproof coffee,… that is mold free… and what about raw cacao beans?

    • Jason Christoff

      Read the book Caffeine Blues

  2. lauren Zamorano

    Hi Jason, I appreciate this article. I found your info from Jade Mackie. I shared the information and received a huge backlash, and usually I rebuttal with sources. This time I didnt have any sources on these claims. Do you have sources in your book? or anywhere else?

    • Jason Christoff

      Look to the book mentioned in the article…..

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