The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultra Sound…….

Brilliant author Jeanice Barcelo is about to release her newest book. It exposes how ultrasounds are in fact radiation, which are reframed as “harmless’ for the baby. But when you know how the medical abattoir is designed to kill and cripple the children in plain sight and how it hypno-programs the parents into participating without question or resistance, you take a closer look. Children are getting destroyed via an evil collusion between medicine, science, government and media. This formula and agenda are simple.

Keep the slave class uninformed, poor, diseased and in a state of perpetual chaos/crisis. This way they always demand they be ruled, governed, stolen from, manipulated and controlled……in their diseased, depressed, dysfunctional and disoriented state. Cripple the children as early as possible, attacking the fetus hard in the womb, so our enslavers can point at the broken child later in life and say, “born that way, not my fault, chance happening…..that’s too bad.” It’s a clever plan that relies on the public not knowing what’s going on. If you want to know how ultrasounds, wireless devices and other forms of radiation are destroying your unborn and already born children… this link and order Jeanice’s new book today. Support her work. With each book ordered, many children will be saved……and that’s REAL charity work that makes a difference.

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