The Battle Cries of The Saboteur….And How To Turn Your Life Around

There’s a saboteur in all of us who wants to feel safe in the crowd. Unfortunately the crowd today is extremely mediocre and underachieving. Our subconscious mind, which runs 95-99% of our behavior, is programmed to copy the crowd… matter what. Our subconscious is dedicated to copying, mimicking and emulating the AVERAGE person in our environment……because this increases our chances of survival through maximum tribal bonding.

The conscious mind on the other hand really wants to be healthy, make more money, have the best relationships possible and fulfill our missions down here on planet earth. This part of our mind always goes to battle with the subconscious, which is in charge of assessing the average achievement levels in the herd and never wanting to exceed those……just in case it offends some of the underachievers that make up the bulk of the flock. Because of this need to aim low in life and given that people don’t really understand how this process works……you often hear many people uttering the battle cries of the saboteur. “One drink won’t kill ya…” or “you only live once”….or “don’t you know red wine is good for you”…..and of course those phrases are often uttered by the most messy humans as they conduct their very messy lives in and around your community. The battle cry of the saboteur is how a person in fear tries to legitimize their life of underachievement, mediocrity and lack. It’s nothing but the decoration of a very mundane, boring and futile life. This sort of subconsciously driven race to the bottom is very common but it can be cured with the right information. There is hope. We can turn our programming around at anytime.

In order to manifest our best life, we need to understand exactly how our minds work and how to reverse most of the programming we’ve been exposed to. If you’re looking to learn more about how your brain really works, so you can start reprogramming your subconscious for success on all levels (weight loss, health, finances, relationships, love, raising children, travel, reversing disease, quitting addiction etc) then you would enjoy my latest master workshop on overcoming self sabotage. It is available at $99 for the next 4 days. (before it moves toward its original price of $399) E-mail me personally at for full details or private message here

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