The Attack On The Male Continues……….On Too Many Fronts to Count

The Attack On The Male Continues……….On Too Many Fronts to Count

I know a lady who had a work affair. It happens, life gets messy sometimes….but that’s not the point. What’s especially disturbing to me is the trend I observe within the narrative of the affair, among the on lookers. This inverted narrative is all too common today and extremely disturbing, knowing the mind control programming that has set it all in motion.

First of all, the lady who had this affair was never highlighted for any wrong doing within the relationship. If we flipped the coin, and the man had the office affair, it’s literally open season on the male……..a full character assassination, might as well burn him at the stake. What disturbs me the most is that when the female has an affair……the male is also blamed for it. Common phrases are “he drove her to it!” or “could you live with him?” or “who could blame her…..he’s an asshole?” It’s more than insane because it reflects a manufactured reality being spoon fed down our throats by our mind control experts in Hollywood, media and government. Today our media portrays women as the altruistic perpetual do gooders, who just barely tolerate their moronic and idiotic male partners. It’s all we see because our social engineers know that what we will see..we will be.

The male in our society is under attack and not because he’s simply the historic and perpetual asshole, worthy of the shit kicking he’s rightly due for thousands of years of running around the world burning everything to the ground……..but because the mind control program running intends that everyone give up on the male, hate the male, despise the male etc…….and it’s working like a charm. War historians are well aware that strong males were the #1 impedance to taking over a country, state, region or planet. Because of this, an agenda was initiated a long time ago (described in some of the attached links) that aimed to attack the strong male from every possible angle, to basically eliminate any resistance to Orwellian tyranny………which of course our culture is neck deep in right now because of this “degradation of the male coup d’etat”. The vast majority of this agenda revolves around feminizing the male and weakening the male’s natural physical strength and need to battle logical enemies. How can anyone be missing this? Once all the strong free thinking males are eliminated, anyone remaining is going to be given the butt of a rifle, square in the teeth….and at that point, no one will be tough enough or smart enough to do anything about it.

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