The Ancient Sun Gods and Our Current Disease Issue – What’s The Connection?

Most ancient rituals and fables rotate around the sun, the rising of the sun or the setting of the sun. In reality “the great reset” is a cryptic phrase meaning “the sun is about to go down or set again” and it does set every Dec 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. The darkest day of the year (for time duration) is Dec 21st. The original story was that the sun of God (not the son of God) died on Dec 21st and rose on the the third day to light up and save the world again. It was obvious to the ancients that the earth and life itself would never survive without the life giving force of the sun and that it was the sun that saved the people of earth from darkness every year……by dying on Dec 21st and then coming back to life. This is where these original fables and stories came from. In fact there are over 25 popular deities in ancient folklore who were known as the sun of God, who died, rose on the third day and was the light of the world. Our modern story of Jesus actually being the last one in this line of stories representing the importance of the sun to all life on this planet. 

Up until Dec 21st, the sun itself drops in the sky one minute of arch every single day. (from June 21st onward) Even with the most advanced measuring devices, from the Dec 21st to Dec 24th, the sun appears to not move off the horizon and is said to be “dead” for those 3 days. On Dec 25 the sun starts to move again, up from the horizon, (one arch minute per day until June 21st) and is said to “save the world”. Of course the sun of God is also known as the light of the world. 

Regardless, this is also why the ancient “people” who have always ruled this planet with an iron fist once referred to themselves openly as sun gods and although that idea seems “not important”, these people are still with us today believing in the ancient sun god traditions. The original sun gods were the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and of course this is why there’s an Egyptian obelisk in St, Peter’s Square in the Vatican, a massive obelisk in Washington DC, one in London England and another in Paris etc etc. This is also why the eye of Ra (the all seeing eye) and an Egyptian pyramid are on the back of the US 1 dollar bill. The people who rule us wear many disguises and are loyal to their ancient family line, not to the public. I’ll tell you that the ancient sun god traditions do involve human sacrifice, food shortages and the right to decide who lives and who dies. The people in power are complete savages from our ancient past and everyone’s going to find out the truth about this in the next 2-3 years, as the fabricated disease crisis is used as the back drop for the ancient sun god traditions.

The fabricated crisis we’re living through right now is directly tied to these ancient groups who believe they represent “the sun” here on earth. The phrase “on earth, as is done in heaven” within one of our most popular prayers……literally means “to represent what is in heaven (the sun) down here on earth.” I can also tell you, throughout the ages, that the families who have said they represent “the sun” down here on earth have some traditions, rituals, customs and beliefs………..which you certainly won’t like unless you start waking up and educating. There are ruling families, who built all of these monuments. They never went away or died off or faded into history. These groups control your government and lie to the public daily about the history of this planet. These ancient groups moved on to other areas, after destroying each population as they travelled the earth. They believe they represent heaven on earth. They believe they can decide who lives and who dies, as the sun can decide who lives and who dies through the shining of the light or the removal of the light. They’re now trying to wipe the population out again, through a fabricated crisis, of their own making. They do it on regular cycles here on the planet. The video attached is just one example of their handy work, which still remains today……absent of the people who used to live there of course. They’re looking to do it all again. I’ll be doing a podcast on the “sun Gods” here on earth very soon. Go to my website at and register your email on my private email system so you get this podcast.

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