The All Seeing Eye and The Rise of An Ancient Cult In Our Modern Time

The All Seeing Eye and The Rise of An Ancient Cult In Our Modern Time

I have said this many times before, there’s a cult from our very ancient past operating today and their members are very clever. One of their primary goals is to usher in a rebirth of their cult based belief systems, in our modern world, without us knowing. Their goals were to never just have a small section of our society dedicated to their ancient religious beliefs. Their goal is to initiate everyone of us into their cult, without us knowing that it’s happening and without us knowing that such a cult even exists. I will review how they’re doing this and give some examples below.

One of this cult’s primary icons was the all seeing eye of Horus, an Egyptian deity. This cult of course is primarily Egyptian in origin. Saying that…it’s a very dark, sinister and black magic sect of that ancient culture. The eye of Horus has many meanings (one of them being linked to a GOD figure always watching us and judging us) ruling us through fear. When people lose sight in one eye, they also lose DEPTH PERCEPTION, meaning on a metaphoric level they can’t see the depth in anything. People with no depth perception don’t investigate beyond the surface or think beyond what they’re told. Regardless of the true meaning of the all seeing eye, the video below now explains how this ancient, sinister and dark occult icon is now being interwoven into our public school system. Marching that cult’s icon into our society (disguised), to make our society mirror what existed long ago.

The cult I’m referring to is also based on death, child sex and child abuse. This cult still operates today but how could they ever trick us (the public at large) into accepting and condoning “sex with children or infants“. This cult accomplishes this through a basic mind control tactic called “the lanes of traffic” technique. Imagine there’s a 6 lane highway and you’re in the far right hand lane. These ancient black magic word magicians need to get you over from the far right lane (where child sex is illegal and immoral) over into the far left lane, where their satanic rituals and beliefs can be found. This can’t be done too fast or you would notice and you can’t be forced over into the satanic left lane, because you would resist or know something immoral was afoot. You need to tricked over long periods to get there yourself, using tried and true mind control techniques. This ancient group uses what they call “the Fabianistic Approach” meaning the plan is hatched over several generations, as to not alert one particular generation. The below video describes this process well……..

Separate parts of the plan often don’t reflect the end goal, so the end goal isn’t always obvious. These ancient social engineers first had to get us accepting of men on men sexuality, which now blankets our society, even though men on men sexuality only represents 1.5 – 2.0% of overall sexual encounters. This very minor part of our society needs to be protected from unfair attack yet it was always there in this small number. Saying that, the way this portion of our society is currently promoted in the media, you would believe the percentage was much larger than 1.5 – 2.0%. So this gets people over from the far right lane into the middle (based on logical thought where an already existing group does need protection from unfair and unjust discrimination) closer to the left lane……….THEN ARTICLES LIKE THIS APPEAR. where many mainstream newspapers start to ask the question, “is pedophilia a sexual orientation?“. This of course is designed to get you into the left lane where this cult today still embraces having sex with children, both men on boy/infant sex or men on girl/infant sex.

Lets do another one. This ancient black magic cult was obsessed with child blood sacrifice. The killing of children or even infants in the womb, to appease their set of dark Gods, which we would recognize as demons. The reason this cult liked to kill children and infants in the womb, on public display, is multi-faceted,….too long for this essay. How could they possibly get us to accept killing children? Again, they use our desires against us, convincing us that our pleasures can be increased if we become members of their cult, without our knowledge. They also use “the lanes of traffic” technique, based on very clever chess moves (inside the brain) to get us “on side” with killing children and infants. Their first trick…..ABORTION, to get us to change one lane. Abortions (the voluntary killing of infants) is the leading cause of premature death in the US, with more than 700,000 abortions conducted every year. Their second trick and this is more sly of course…….the modern birth control pill. The current birth control pill DOES NOT FULLY BLOCK OVULATION. We’ve been lied to. It often allows a monthly abortion of a fertilized egg. The birth control pill makes the uterine lining too thin for implantation, meaning a real live human zygote is sacrificed in many cases every 28 days. Children are constantly abused in our society, leading many to be imprinted with deep set beliefs that children are placed here for our abuse and personal pleasures. Circumcision, vaccination, junk food based celebrations, sexual violence, physical abuse, ruling children by fear until they fall in line with our tyranny etc etc is everywhere, leading our respect and protection of children to plummet. This is also by design, designed by this ancient Egyptian cult. Now we get ARTICLES LIKE THIS….explaining that parents should have the right to kill their own children. The open killing of children and bingo, bango, bongo…….. we’re in the left lane before we know it.

Let do just one more.  In ancient Egypt, circumcision was known as “the mark of the slave” and it’s proven to send an immense trauma based shock of electrical current into the brain, through the penis nerve plexus, causing brain damage to particular areas of the psyche. Ancient Egypt is where this dark cult first gained status, prosperity and power. This circumcision based trauma sets up a life long form of PTSD, making the male more reflexively obedient to authority and more compliant to command. Like all PTSD victims, circumcised males (or females who experience genital mutilation) often become very self destructive, extremely violent and prone to addiction, but not violent toward the authority figures who control their damaged psyche through the proven trauma mechanisms found to operate within “battered woman’s syndrome” or “Stolkhom Syndrome” etc. Again this sort of reflexively obedient behavior (because of trauma) is also observed within battered woman and Stockholm Syndrome but is greatest in the circumcised male because a newborn’s nervous system conducts and feels pain at a much greater intensity than an adults’ and the greatest concentration of nerve endings is found at the tip of the penis. This cult specializes in dark energy magic to control the thoughts, bodies and even souls of their victims. This is just one of their black magic tricks, which they’ve now convinced us to do to our children. In this regard, we are FULLY INITIATED into their dark and sinister black magic cult.  In ancient times this proved the most effective way for the ruling Egyptian monarchy to control the male population and manipulate the great male lion to work for the state within various illegal and immoral building projects, wars, public entertainment (sports event, battles to the death) etc. etc.  In short, we’re already in the left lane here. Most people can’t remember not attacking their own male infants in this way. This is an older Egyptian based agenda operating in our modern society of course, one that’s “fully complete” unfortunately. This is how Fabianistic policy works……you make the corruption so systemic and so endorsed inside the perverse, corrupted, immoral and unethical ruling pyramid……….that the population simply accepts it as normal, never giving it a second thought. You make the people concede one inch at a time, so they never notice that they’re losing ground and also losing everything they need to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. We’ve been in the left lane so long here, we don’t even remember that a right lane existed at one time.  

I could go on of course. It’s a long subject. They’re doing it. It’s covert and this dark and evil cult wants to walk among us, but they don’t want to change themselves of course. They want you to change. They want you to become like them and if you haven’t noticed, our society is collapsing on every moral and ethical level possible…..and it’s because of how this cult is famous for getting people to accept their satanic rituals and belief systems. This cult was driven out of the Middle East (and now reside in the UK) because they were known to be the most mentally unstable and satanic human beings ever to walk the earth. Keep your head up and keep your wits about you. Some more info about this death cult initiation of our entire society below……

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