TEEN VOGUE Encourages Teens To Trade Sex for Money

There are good people in the world, who generally like to pay attention to genuine matters in their lives. These good people who are moral and ethical, sometimes are very naive and gullible. There are evil people on this planet as well and those evil people love power positions in government, big business, religion etc. Throughout history evil people (who are rotten to the core and are always soulless) often invent “government” and tell the good people, “we’re just going to run your lives over here, to make things better for you” and the good people who are a little gullible often say, “OK, that sounds alright.”

In the end, the corrupt and evil people at the top of government, big corp and religion demand a steady supply of children they can molest and take advantage of. Here we see Teen Vogue (part of big corp) doing its’ part to corrupt the youth and keep the sexual exploitation of our youth parading into the highest offices in the land, to satisfy the corrupt sexual appetites of the lost souls who hold power positions there. Anyone wanting to rule over another human being is mentally imbalanced by definition……but so is a person who insists they themselves be ruled. Do your part of dismantle this corrupt system and keep an eye out for your high ranking government, business and religious leaders who end up in those positions because that’s where they can do the most damage, while being protected at the same time. Corrupt humans seek these power positions so they can spread their evil seeds farther without question or resistance. That’s why the vast majority of people seek these offices in the first place. Protect your children. You live in a place that eats souls.

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