Tea Bags Leaking Plastic……

Caffeine of course will devastate the body on all fronts, right across the board, no exceptions……..but like a bad infomercial, WAIT THERE’S MORE. Tea bags can leak massive loads of plastic into your hot cup of caffeine poison. Take out coffee cups are also coated with a plastic lining, often found to contain BPA. (a known fertility disruptor, estrogen mimicking agent and general mega toxin). Do the people who rule you not know this science? Of course they do, they know it inside and out. You just believe they’re misunderstanding it or not up to date on these dangers. It was never a “misunderstanding” of the science…….it’s a weaponization of the science used to keep you easier to rule, govern, steal from, manipulate and control. For most uninformed people down on the human farm……they literally poison themselves all day long and then are tricked to add medical poison into the mix with all the other poisons, in an attempt to recover from their first round of poisoning. The psychological mind control at this point is massive and needs to be recognized. Poison can’t make you healthy. Poison doesn’t work like that.

Do your teabags contain plastic? | War on Plastic: The Fight Goes On

Do your teabags contain plastic?

Posted by BBC on Friday, September 4, 2020


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