Social Engineers Work Covertly During the Holidays…

Just like the stock market shenanigans or passing laws that no one would ever want passed……our social engineers work very covertly during the holiday periods, including Christmas. We have this today (Dec 24th) from Canada’s National Post. A propaganda piece that would make the most hardened Nazi blush with envy. There’s literally nothing truthful in this report at all, just ruling family posturing and a leading of the herd…….in regards to what each sheep in the flock should be saying to each other, as they’re all waiting to get into the abattoir. The truth about vaccination is very simple. Vaccines aren’t designed to do what’s advertised. They’re quite simply military grade bio weapons used against a heavily indoctrinated, sedated, distracted and mind controlled/authority loving citizenry. The truth about vaccines can be discovered in the added links below. If you’re going to comment on this article’s web page (and I think everyone should), make it short and attach creditable evidence regarding what you declare as truth. I already started. Evil never takes a holiday so of course I don’t either. Power to the people.

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The Polio Vaccine Lie Explained –

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The HPV Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vaccine Fraud –

5 Vaccine Facts Very Few Are Aware Of –

What Doctors Learn About Vaccines In Medical School –

‘They can’t do it themselves’: If parents refuse to vaccinate their kids, should the state do it for them?

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