Should You Be Concerned With Massive Government Corruption?

A friend writes to me with various articles, proving immense government corruption and government policies designed to kill and cripple the public. My comments below……

“Yes, it’s going to become a full blown holocaust soon. All government workers are becoming very scared, as the government is proven corrupt. As the government workforce becomes aware that their government is corrupt to the core, the government workers can either stand behind their corrupt employers or risk the collapse of the current government. History shows us where this often ends up… the government workforce easily turns into blood thirsty psychopaths, wanting to eliminate anyone who speaks against their employer….in order to ghost anyone who threatens how the “pro gov love sector” pays their bills. Evil knows how to bait a trap and this is why government employment always starts at near zero levels and then skyrockets into every area of life……because evil knows that this must happen first before the organized culling of the public can be initiated….by manipulating the minds of the people who can’t see anything in their future other than sucking as hard as they can on the government tit for life. All holocausts start with massive increases in government employment, as to control the minds of the population in evil ways. The word government is actually Latin for “mind control”.

When a government worker is faced with losing their pay cheque or killing their next door neighbor to maintain that pay cheque…..the psychopath inside the human psyche is easily triggered and history proves this again and again. Evil is a real force on this planet and people are painfully unaware as to how evil coordinates all these events….to keep this planet in a constant state of darkness, madness, killing, fear, terror and soul destruction. Mark my words, a pro government work force (in your lifetime) will show up somewhere in your life to threaten your existence, in order that they keep their jobs…..simply because media and government schooling collude to make sure people never understand how to support themselves any other way. There are hundreds of pieces to this agenda, all coordinated by a historical evil on this planet. This is why I suggest arming yourself to the teeth because in the end, the regular public out number government workers a hundred fold. It doesn’t matter the inner morality of any human, history proves that even the strongest morality can be easily subverted by group pressure and employment/survival motivations. We’re in a dangerous time and it’s because we’ve allowed an evil and dark spirit to raise a government army against us, in order to cull us in great numbers. Evil sets it all up through government and then sits back to enjoy the blood bath. In order to defeat this force, we must be consciously aware of it and resist it with everything we have.”

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